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Faceted Search

Some companies have a few hundred products in their inventory, and others have hundreds of thousands. If your company is the latter, having a top-notch navigation structure and enhanced search functionality simply isn’t enough. You need something even more intuitive to meet the needs of busy online shoppers.

Help Your Customers Filter Extensive Product Lists in a Matter of Seconds

We took the faceted search usability that McMaster-Carr brought to the marketplace and tailored it to the needs of our industrial B2B clients and their customers. Instead of scrolling through long product lists or clicking through multiple pages to find what they need, site visitors get refined product results in just a few clicks.

Fast and Simple Filtering for Product Database Websites

Many product database websites filter by price or general features like material, but industrial customers expect more than that. They know the exact specs they’re looking for and faceted search makes it fast and simple to filter a list of 10,000 fasteners down to a single product with just a few quick clicks. 
Looking for a size #0 1/4” long steel zinc plated drive screw with a round head? Faceted Search makes it possible to find that exact product from a list of 161 products in a matter of seconds. Need something that meets Military or National Aerospace Standards?  We can add a filter for that, too.
We understand that some products are more complex than others and may require different types of filtering functionality. To accommodate a range of product types, we can add modifications to the Faceted Search Functionality such as multiple filters, minimum and maximum fields, images, and more. Whether you sell fasteners, valves, fittings, metals, or any other products, Faceted Search provides your customers with an effortless and effective way of filtering your product database.

Organize and Filter Your Product Database for Improved Site Usability

Online users expect to find the items they need fast. If your website is challenging to navigate or site visitors are required to scroll through multiple pages or a PDF of products to find something, they are going to leave your site and go somewhere else. Make it easy for your prospects and customers to find what they need with product-specific choices.
Faceted Search organizes the products on your e-commerce or RFQ site so visitors can filter products based on specifications. There are different options for Faceted Search Add-Ons, but the general layout consists of:
  • Left-hand navigation listing all the product categories on your website
  • A search box containing several filters options
Ecreative can customize all filters based on your products and needs. In the first example, the Faceted Search features checkboxes users check a series of boxes to filter products by specifications. 

No matter what you need, we will come up with a database website filtering solution designed for improved user engagement and conversion rates.

We Offer Tailored Solutions for Your Product Database Website

Our team works with you to develop a customized Faceted Search Functionality, tailored to the needs of your business and customers. Request a quote to add Faceted Search to your industrial B2B website.
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