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Express Ordering Module

E-commerce websites often focus on creating a user-friendly checkout system for new customers, but what about returning customers who already know exactly what they want? The last thing they want to do is waste valuable time searching through your website for specific products.

Simplify the Online Ordering Process for Returning Customers

The Express Ordering Module is a feature, accessible from your website's homepage or product pages, that automatically directs returning customers to an online ordering form. Instead of clicking through various category structures to find products and add items to their cart, users enter their part numbers in up to eight express order fields, add the quantities needed, and head straight to the checkout.  Our easy, streamlined ordering module reduces user frustration, helping you earn and retain more repeat customers.

Easy Reordering Without Making Customers Search for Products

With the Express Ordering Module, returning site visitors can quickly search for and order products by entering the part number and quantity in the ordering fields. As users enter part numbers in the field, an auto-filled list or suggestions appears, showing products with matching part numbers. All the user needs to do is select the item they want and enter the quality in the designated field.
Having an auto-populated list not only saves your customers time but eliminates the issue of miskeyed part numbers—saving your sales team the hassle of having to call customers and verify information.  

Convenient Ordering from Anywhere on Your Website

Ecreative can place the Express Ordering feature anywhere on your website, to give customers easy access to the online form. Here are two examples of companies with an Express Ordering Functionality.

Simplify the Reordering Process on your B2B Website

You want to make sure your customers keep coming back. Our Express Ordering Module provides a fast and straightforward way for people to reorder frequently purchased products. Request a quote to add Express Ordering to your industrial website. 

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