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Enhanced Search Feature for Product Databases

Some people don’t mind casually browsing through your website's navigation to see all your products, and other site visitors want to find the products they need with minimal effort. Enhanced Search Functionality caters to the latter: People accustomed to typing keywords into a search engine and getting immediate results.

Improve the Accuracy of Product Searches on Your Website

We provide a website search solution customized to meet the online buying needs of industrial companies and their customers. With our Enhanced Search Functionality, search results auto-populate in a drop-down list as the user types in keywords or part numbers. The more keywords they type, the more specific the results.
When the user sees a search result that matches what they’re looking for, all they must do is click on the desired search result to be directed to the product page. Giving site visitors the results they want in seconds instead of minutes increases customer satisfaction—and your conversion rates.


Boost Customer Satisfaction with An Intuitive Product Search Experience

With the Enhanced Search Functionality, you have more options to customize your search results, depending on how your customers typically search for products. Enhanced search rules can include the model, product name, description, features, and other variables prioritized as you see fit. Change the variables as needed based on the unique needs of your online customers.

Lightning Fast Search Results without Slowing Down Your Website’s Server

If you’re concerned that adding Enhanced Search Functionality will slow down your server speed, don’t be. Typically, having a high volume of people searching for products on your website at the same time slows down your server, which in turn slows down your website’s load time.
We’ve fixed that issue by housing the Enhanced Search Functionality on a 3rd party site, using a dedicated server. This means search results are returned to site visitors faster, and without impacting your website speed.  When your site updates (indexes) each night, any new products or search terms that have been added to the product database and admin are instantly updated and can be included in the next day's search results.

Users Get Accurate Search Results for Commonly Misspelled Terms

Many words and terms are commonly misspelled, or the same word can have different spellings depending on where a user lives. With Enhanced Search, you can add different variations of a term in the admin, so the right resutls still present, even if the search includes misspelled words.

Give Your B2B Ecommerce Customers Enhanced Search for a Better Shopping Experience

The world of online industrial B2B sales is incredibly competitive. Keep prospective and current customers happy by giving them a more intuitive, streamlined solution for finding the products they need. Request a quote to add Enhanced Search Functionality to your existing site, or as part of your industrial website redesign project.
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