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Cross Sell Promotion Module

Upselling and cross-promoting are effective methods of increasing order value by having customers consider other options to the products they are viewing. Both play an essential role in maximizing your profits, but these techniques are sometimes more challenging to implement in an online retail market. Enter the cross-sell promotion module.

Increase Profits Through Effective Online Cross-Selling

The Cross-Sell Promotion Module is an added functionality for e-commerce and RFQ sites where you can select additional products to highlight on your main product pages. A function in the admin of your website makes it easy to choose which additional products you want to promote, and you can switch up the selection at any time.
Whether you want to feature different models of the same product or highlight similar products that might be of interest to customers, it’s easy with our Cross-Sell Promotion Module. Highlight a product with slumping sales or showcase a similar product to show the diversity of your offerings. It’s up to you!

Convince Customers to Buy More by Highlighting Additional Products on Your Website

The cross-sell section is featured towards the bottom of the main product page and includes product images that link directly to the individual pages. When a site visitor clicks on a product in the cross-sell section of your site, they’re redirected to the product page for that item. Here they can read the product description and, if interested, add the item to their cart.

Cross Sell Products on Your B2B Website

The Cross-Sell Module is a convenient way to feature any products in your database to increase sales, whether you have an ecommerce or RFQ site. Request a quote to add the Cross-Sell Promotion Module to your existing site or as part of your industrial B2B website redesign project.

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