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Product Configurator Solutions

Providing a custom product configurator or part builder on your website can sometimes make the difference between converting a visitor to your site into a client, or losing them to a competitor whose site makes it easier to understand their products’ capabilities. Ecreative’ product configurator solutions can help increase your conversions by demonstrating the many different ways in which your products can meet their specific needs.

What is a Product Configurator?

An interactive product configurator is a custom product builder or part builder that enables your visitors to create the product they need from the various options you offer. This is an ideal solution for companies that produce or distribute products that are highly configurable or customizable, with multiple options and features available for the same product. 

As a very basic example, imagine your company sells Style X sneakers in various sizes and in green, blue, and red—customers would be presented with configurable options for size (9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, etc.) and color (green, blue, or red), and, after making their selections, would be presented with a “custom” product that matches their requirements.

The main purpose of a product configurator is to present (and hopefully sell) a finished product to customers, while also selling all the different options for that product without having to have a separate page or listing on your site for every possible variation. In the above example, if you offered Style X sneakers in 10 sizes and three colors, you’d need 30 individual pages or listings for all the different variations; with a custom product builder, you need just one page that offers your available options in a configurable format. Your customer won’t have to search high and low on your site to find sneakers in the size and color they need; instead, they can choose exactly what they want and get info on the final result right away.

With an product configurator, your customers can also determine what options you don’t offer, saving them time and headaches. If they like Style X sneakers, but want them in purple, they can easily see that purple is not an option. This may, unfortunately, lead the customer to look elsewhere for purple sneakers, but it provides a better overall user experience, as they won’t waste their time searching for a product that you can’t provide.

Ecreative's Online Product Configurators

Ecreative’ product configurator solutions can be as simple or complex as your product options require. If, for example, you offer Deluxe Style X sneakers with 27 different configurable features, we can create a custom product builder that accommodates all of those options.

Your product configurator will be built as a series of steps, and follow a “decision tree” style format. Each step contains the various available options (Step 1: color; Step 2: size; etc.). As users make their selections, step by step, the part builder will make behind-the-scenes adjustments to any subsequent steps that are affected by preceding selections. For example, if red Deluxe Style X sneakers are only available in sizes 9 through 12, other, unavailable size options will not be shown after the user selects “red”; if blue sneakers are available in sizes 7 through 12, those additional size options will be presented in the next step if “blue” is selected.

The custom product builder can also provide CPQ (configure price quote) capabilities that present the user with a final price for their custom-configured product. If, for some reason, green Style X sneakers are more expensive than red or blue ones, the CPQ feature will automatically calculate the difference in price if the user selects green as their color option.

Multiple Product/Part Builder Options

Stand Alone Online Product Configurator

A standalone configurator will help your customers find the right product for their needs, and can be integrated into your company’s existing website without a mass overhaul. Our stand alone online product configurator solutions are designed and built to your specifications, and are completely customizable for your company’s products. A configurator is ideal if you need a custom product builder only for your employees or affiliates, instead of general internet users/website visitors. A private access installation allows your sales, manufacturing, customer service, and other team members to access the configurator through your company’s internal network.

Ecommerce Part Builder & Product Configuration Solutions

These part builder and product configuration solutions are designed for integration into our ecommerce cart or request for quote product database. As a customer uses the configurator or part builder to find the product that fits their needs, they can then easily submit a request for quote or purchase the product.

3D CAD Model Configurators

We can provide product configurator solutions with integrated 3D CAD capabilities that provide a dynamic, interactive model of the user’s final, configured product. Adding a 3D model to the configurator gives users a better look at the product they need, which can help you convert even more website visitors into paying customers.

Are You Looking for Product Configurator Solutions?

Look no further than Ecreative! No matter what you sell, we can provide the perfect custom product builder for your website. Contact us to learn more about our product configurator solutions.

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