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Abandoned Cart Options

Someone visits your website, places several items in their cart, and then leaves without completing the purchase. What happened? Did they find a better deal elsewhere or decide the product wasn’t something they needed? Instead of accepting the lost sale and leaving those questions unanswered, opt for a targeted solution that helps you reclaim those lost sales and boost your revenue.

Improve Customer Service and Increase Your Conversions

Ecreative's Shopping Cart Abandonment program provides you with the tools and resources to follow up with customers so you can close more sales. Our functionality monitors when site visitors abandon their shopping cart and follows up with an automated email.  The program can generate up to three automated, conversation-focused emails defaulted to send 20 minutes, one day, and three days post-abandonment.

Email Communications Designed to Recapture Lost Sales

You’ve likely received a “did you forget something?” email after visiting a website. The email probably contained a coupon code or other incentive that makes you consider returning to the site to complete your purchase. That’s a Shopping Cart Abandonment program at work!
We tailor our solutions to meet your needs and provide the option of five different plans based on your company size, communication need, and budget. But what happens if you experience a big boom in business? We’ve got you covered. Our flexibility also allows you to change your plan as needed to keep up with your business growth and sales goals.
Ecreative provides everything you need including the site code implementation and the option of a standard or customized email template. Our program also includes detailed, actionable reporting so you can track your success and optimize email campaigns.

Implement Shopping Cart Abandonment on Your Website

Abandoned shopping carts equal lost revenue. Start turning things around by utilizing our Shopping Cart Abandonment functionality for your B2B website. Request a quote to get started!
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