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Website Usability Audit

There are two main areas of auditing we perform for your website.

How Your Website Functions for Users

This audit relates to how actual humans use your website. This includes how a user will navigate, complete request a quote, purchase and generally interact with your site. We want to make sure to limit the barriers to contacting you or making a purchase throughout your website to optimize the customer journey.

How Your Website Fuctions for Search Engines

The second area of auditing we do on your site is more related to how a search engine, such as Google, crawls your site. To show as a search result, Google needs to be able to crawl your site efficiently. Search engines don’t necessarily read all pages of your website all the time; the number of pages and how frequently they crawl them can vary.  Using website analytics, our experienced team of digital marketer and website developers will work to ensure your most important pages are prioritized and that your site is seen as good relevant content by both search engines like Google and users alike.

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Removing Usability Barriers from your Industrial B2B Website

A user on your site has many opportunities to exit before completing find what they need. These barriers to usability can be obvious and more technical. As your digital marketing agency, we work to ensure your website has optimal customer usability. Keeping industry-leading factors in mind, we use various measures to audit for improvements to help your site's health, user experience and ranking in top search engines.
We know that every industry is different and has its own unique target market and goals. Meeting with you is important for learning the ins and outs of your industry. Then we can bring our expertise on digital marketing in the B2B industrial market together with your insights and knowledge of your company and customers. Together, we can make sure your website is clear, engaging and functional.
To make sure your website is strongly competitive, we start by researching your industry. Next, we compile and analyze the best practices we see among your competitors. Our goal is to have your site be faster, more secure, and more user-friendly, and more relevant than any of the competition.

Improve the User Experience on Your Website

Let us know of your strongest website needs and missed opportunities, and we’ll make sure to identify them and flesh out the solutions. Request a quote to learn how improving the user experience on your website can help your business today!

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