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Schema / Structured Data

Sometimes even the smallest of details can make a significant impact on user experience how and well your website ranks in search engines. The changes aren’t always obvious, but you’ll notice the impact over time. All it takes is a little schema to make a difference.

What is Website Schema?

Website schema is actually an important part of any website SEO strategy.  Website schema uses words and tags in the html code of your website to talk to search engines like Google and Bing, in their language, to provide key information, refined searches and more targeted search results for your site.

Use Website Schema to Improve Your Site's Visibility in Search Engines

Schema is a type of structured data that tells search engines about different information points on your site. This “behind the scenes” data is written in the code so that Google crawlbots can instantly interpret key information from your site.  It helps search engines understand who you are, what you sell, and the difference between pieces of information, such as a phone number, fax number, product, general category, or even FAQs. It also allows differentiation between different part numbers and model names.

This might not sound important, but it is.  SEO has many facets.  The onpage content and keyword optimization of your website is very important for SEO.  However, the technical SEO elements like page speed, website navigation, user experience, schema and more, are equally important.  When search engines better understand the information on your site, it helps improve your search engine rankings. We can also use schema to add product information and category pages to your search engine results listing.

Have you ever noticed how some websites listed on search engine results page have additional info such as a product price or rating? That’s the result of adding structured data to a site. Adding this information makes your search result look more professional and can entice more people to click on your site link.   We implement basic and advanced structured data on any database website, even if you aren’t currently enrolled in a full-service Digital Marketing Program.

Improve Your Organic Traffic with Website Schema

Request a quote to get details how we can implement schema & structured data as part of a SEO program. We have various levels of schema implementation and will determine the most effective options for your site.

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