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Keyword Optimization for Qualified Website Leads

Keyword optimization is an important part of a your website SEO Strategy. Keywords can be anything from a singular word to a more complex phrase.  Using these words and phrases in the page content, image descriptions, and other parts of a web page help communicate to users and search engines what the page will be about, which in turn attracts the right type of traffic to your website.

team researching for keywords We Use In Depth Research to Determine the Best Keyword Strategy

Selecting the right keywords involves more than merely choosing popular search phrases. When doing keyword research, it is important to keep in mind who your target audience is and how they search for your product or service.  What is a target audience?  Basically, these are the customers that you are trying to reach. 

We use demographics and other research to define your audience and determine ways they would search for your product or service. For example, would they use abbreviations or acronyms when searching? Would having the material or process used be important to share? How specific should we make the keywords, and how often are people online searching for the various terms?  Our SEO, Digital Marketing and Paid Search teams are well-versed in keyword research and searcher intent, and that results in more traffic and qualified leads reaching your website!  We consider these factors and more to figure out the best way for your website to reach your targeted audience and other potential buyers. 

The Importance of Having a Good Keyword Optimization Strategy

Using a strategy for keywords helps benefit your website in two significant ways.
  1. The first is having a higher position on search engine result pages. Research has shown that the closer you are to the top spot, the more likely someone will choose to click on your website link. By using keyword density and strategically placing keywords where they hold the most value helps communicate to search engines what your webpage is about.
  2. Secondly, keywords let users know what information they are about to read. This helps get the right customers to your website page to improve the chance of them converting.

Start Attracting More Website Traffic with the Right Keywords

Keyword research and strategy are a critical part of making your company’s website more visible and prominent in search results online. Request a quote to learn about the benefits of keyword optimization for your B2B industrial website.

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