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Competitor Analysis Services

Use Website Competitor Analysis to Improve Your Website Performance

While it might not seem like a crucial part of digital marketing, Competitive Analysis should be viewed as another tool in the marketing toolbox. This type of analysis can give a business added insights that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

For example, conducting a competitive analysis of your online competitors can show potential gaps that your website might have versus your competitor's website. Does your competitor utilize call-to-action (CTA buttons) whereas you only have "contact us" links in the content? It's little things like bright, highly visible buttons that make a site more user-friendly and increase the likelihood of a prospect reaching out to contact your business or submit an RFQ.


Competitive Analysis on Industrial Websites

User experience reasons aside, a competitive analysis can show content gaps and update you on what products and services a competitor is offering. Additionally, you can see where similar industrial business websites are ranking for specific keywords. Are you ranking higher than them for some keywords, but lower in others? This could reflect a content gap where you could update content on your site that utilizes the best keywords that are relevant to your business’s products and services.

Competitor Analysis can Help you Reach More Customers Online

With the emergence of social media, competitive analysis shows you ways in which your competitors are reaching audiences/markets online.

If they are reaching their audience through targeted, platform-specific content and you’re not, you could be missing out on reaching your core target market simply because you’re not utilizing the same tools.


Reach a Larger Onine Audience with a Competitive Analysis

In an age where meaningful connection matters, competitive cnalysis should be a component in all marketing programs, inlcuding your online marketing. Request a quote to learn more about adding a full competitive analysis to your digital marketing program.

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