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Developing a Blog

If you think blogs are just for people who want to share recipes or write about traveling, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your business. When implemented correctly and regularly maintained, a company blog provides the perfect channel for attracting qualified traffic and leads to your website. What is equally important is that you use a platform that works for you and is designed for optimal performance.

Build Your Audience with a Professional Blogging Platform

Ecreative assessed where other blogging platforms missed the mark in terms of functionality and usability and developed a solution that delivers on all levels. Our blog module fully integrates into our RFQ and e-commerce websites, eliminating the need to maintain the content on your website and blog separately.
Integration with your site admin also gives you a cohesive look and keeps people on your main website instead of directing them somewhere else. We offer three tiers of templates to select from so you can find a look that fits your business and website. 

A Blogging Platform Built For SEO

Optimizing your blog for search engines is equally as important as optimizing your website. Unfortunately, most of the popular blogging platforms weren’t designed with SEO in mind and don’t properly utilize meta data.  This is an issue because without proper meta data, your posts are less likely to show up for relevant searches. That’s not good.
We designed our blog to let you update and customize meta descriptions, title tags, and alt text for photos. This helps improve the likelihood of your post showing up in the search results when someone searches for a relevant term. But improved search engine optimization isn’t the only benefit of using our Blog Module. Other features include:
  • User-friendly interface and blog “controls” access from your existing site admin
  • Prominently displayed share icons for Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Author bios, complete with a photo and customizable URL
  • Ability to add an estimated read time to posts
  • Advanced security features help protect from online attacks

Get the Best of Looks and Functionality with A Blog Module from Ecreative

Our Blog Module combines looks and functionality to deliver a user-friendly alternative to popular blogging platforms. Request a quote to discuss your options!  

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