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Ecreativeworks is a Twin Cities-based web development company with a national reach. Our company serves clients from a diverse range of industries and sizes, and each project is unique. Our development environment is relaxed and supportive while remaining challenging and very dynamic.

We are always looking to talk to people that have experience in the industrial business to business marketplace.


Paid Search Specialist

List Date: 06/11/2019

Location: St. Louis Park, MN


An Ecreativeworks Paid Search Specialist is responsible for the maintenance and development of Google Ads accounts for current and future clients. This person should be able to effectively communicate the overall strategy of a campaign to a client and then be able to implement it efficiently and effectively. This role will work with other in-house team members to optimize ROI, Conversions, and/or engagement on the client’s website.

This role is also responsible for developing client-specific strategies, tracking monthly progress, populating monthly reports, and presenting reports to the client.

It is anticipated that the core role will remain consistent; however, additional responsibilities and/or activities may be added as the role progresses and is refined.

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PHP Website Programmer/Developer

List Date: 5/22/2019

Location: St. Louis Park, MN


At Ecreativeworks we build complex solutions for our Industrial Marketplace clients. Typical sites can range from a few thousand products to multiple hundreds of thousands parts and include things like custom ERP integrations, part builders, ecommerce, custom layouts and more. Ecreativeworks also provides successful online marketing programs through ongoing Search Engine Marketing programs. Part of our programmer’s day will also include doing work on sites that are already built out to help modify and optimize them for the search engines. The can include applying different schemas, mobile first edits, page speed optimizations, issues with page indexing, etc.

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