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‘Click Here’ to ‘Learn More’ about ‘Downloading the Perfect CTA’!

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It has eluded copywriters and digital marketers alike for years—the universal byline that drives higher Clicks, Click-Through Rates, and Conversions regardless of the product or service to which it is associated. Chances are that if you have been writing paid content long enough, the title above (hopefully) raised more than a few eyebrows as you have come to realize that there is not a specific Call To Action that is optimal for every ad or landing page that you create.

While the CTA that laid the golden egg is yet to be uncovered, there are still a few best practices to become familiarized with prior to launching a new Google campaign or creating a new landing page. Whether you are new to digital marketing or in need of inspiration, we have compiled a list of best practices to guide you through the CTA basics.

DO’s and Don’ts of CTAs in Paid Advertising


Use Punctuation/Numbers: Exclamation points, dollar signs, and even commas have historically seen higher and more qualified user engagement. Pricing, discounts, promotions, and o