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How many clicks does it take to find your product? One click too many, and your potential buyers are likely to give up, leave your site, and switch over to your competitor’s site. With faceted search, buyers are just a few clicks away from your product.

Faceted search technology is a game-changer for e-commerce. You know that you need to integrate faceted search into your website if you want to stay one step ahead of the competition. You know that, going into the future, clients will expect to see faceted search more and more. You also know that, though it presents challenges, faceted search is an important investment.

The real challenge is choosing the right company to take your e-commerce site to the next level. At Ecreativeworks, our developers have been on top of faceted search from the very beginning. Our developers can create filters that are easy to use and allow users to apply a broad range of criteria to their searches.


Featured faceted search projects

UC Components

As an OEM of fastener and seal products for clean critical environments. Their faceted search website, offers fast searches by attributes unique to each product group. The result is sending a quote, purchase the product and also give the option of getting a 3D model as a view or download.

Rainbow Precision Products

As a distributor of power transmission and material handling products. Their diverse product line offers different challenges of how their products are searched, with choices and min/max options.



Faceted Search for Industrial Marketplace

At Ecreativeworks, we specialize in Internet marketing for the industrial marketplace. Our experience with industrial products – ranging from CNC machining equipment to fasteners – is extensive. We understand your product. We can analyze its features from the end user’s perspective, and build filters that will help potential clients find what they are looking for.

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Our faceted search portfolio will show you examples of sites we have built with faceted search. If you have questions about faceted search, or about integrating faceted search into your website, contact Ecreativeworks. We will be happy to talk about your goals for faceted search.

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