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Custom Web Application Development

Imagine a field service engineer sitting in an airport lounge, on the way to fix a machine that contains your part. The engineer is able to find all the necessary information on your site, including an interactive, 3D model of the part.

That’s exactly what a custom web based application is designed to do: help your customers access the information they need, from any location and on any device. At Ecreativeworks, our custom web application development services are engineered specifically for the industrial and B2B marketplace.

Why Choose A Custom Web Based Application?

  • Tailored to Your Needs: A commercially available or “off-the-shelf” web app may provide most of the functionality you need, but lack key features; or, it may have too many functions, with features that will never be used slowing down its performance. A custom web based application is built to meet your exact requirements, giving you all the features you and your website’s visitors need with no useless extras to detract from the user experience.
  • Save Time & Money: Off-the-shelf apps are usually built as a “one size fits all” solution—that is, only one version of the app is available, no matter what the architecture of your website is like. If portions of the code are incompatible with your site, the app will have to be modified, which can cause glitches and other problems. With custom web application development, your app will be built for seamless integration with your existing site, leading to better performance.
  • Easy Upgrades & Maintenance: Similar to the above, a custom web based application is easier to upgrade and scale as your business grows, and easier to maintain over time. Whatever types of changes may be needed, all new code and/or new functions are guaranteed to work properly, because they’re custom-built to integrate with your already-installed app.

Ecreativeworks’ Custom Web Based Applications

CAD Models and 3D Models
Turn your static website into a dynamic, interactive experience with an online CAD drawing and 3D modeling system. The more engaged website visitors are, the more likely they are to complete a purchase. Ecreativeworks’ fully integrated 3D CAD drawing solutions provide sales lead information for every downloaded CAD model, making it easier for you to convert visitors into sales. Our CAD models and 3D models provide cross-browser support with no plug-ins required, and are compatible with CREO, PRO/ENGINEER, Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, and most major CAD systems.

Product Configurators

Adding a product configurator or part builder to your website makes it easy for visitors to understand your product’s capabilities and the many different ways it can meet their specific needs. Ecreativeworks’ online part builders are custom-built to your specifications and can accommodate products with dozens of configurable and/or customizable features and options. Our configurators can address even the most complex product rules in a seamlessly integrated, easy-to-use package.

Distributor Locater / Dealer Finder

If you work with sales reps, dealers, or distributors—whether across the country or around the world—you need a fast and easy way to send them leads. With a custom distributor locator from Ecreativeworks, visitors to your website can find the info they need to contact your dealer network directly. Contacts can be provided based on geographical location or product of interest, making it easy for customers to get your products from the best and more reliable source.


Mobile Applications
A recent study determined that apps account for roughly 90% of mobile device usage, versus just 10% for mobile web browsers. If you’re counting on smartphone or tablet users to find and use your company’s website through “traditional” means, you may be missing out. A dedicated, custom mobile app can provide your customers with the tools they need to get their jobs done, and will help set you apart from the competition.
Career Modules
Filling an open position at your company takes time and money, two highly valuable resources. With a custom career module on your website, managing job postings and applicant data is easy, and it allows candidates to apply online quickly and easily. You can add new job listings, remove those that have been filled, sort and export applicant information, and more with one of our integrated career modules.


The Perfect Custom Web Based Application for Your Needs
At Ecreativeworks, we understand what you and your customers need from your website. We will work with you to develop a web application that helps you deliver. Contact us today to get started!

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