Replacement Parts Module

All products contain parts that will eventually wear out or break. Typically, when this happens, customers need to call an OEM or distributor to order replacement parts. These lengthy conversations take your team away from other tasks like following up on sales leads or handling special orders.

Give Your Team More Time to Focus on Building Your Business

The Replacement Parts Module is an added functionality for ecommerce and RFQ cart sites that automates replacement parts orders. We place all the schematics and pick lists on your website for easy viewing and ordering, giving customers a way to place orders online instead of calling your sales team directly.

Your staff will spend less time on the phone taking orders, and customers get a fast and easy way to find what they need, whether it’s a single gasket or a full set of parts for a complete rebuild.

Make it Easier for Customers to Find Replacement Parts Online

Users have two ways to access the replacement parts pages on your site: using the navigation or clicking the link on the main product page. If your site has a search function, they can also use the search box to find replacement parts.

Adding Replacement Part Functionality to your site’s product database includes:


Adding a “Replacement Parts” category to the main site navigation


Creating pages containing all the replacement parts for a specific product/model number


Placing a link on the standard product page that directs users to a replacement product page

Detailed Schematics and Pick Lists Provide All the Information Your Customers Need

Each replacement part category page features a schematic of the product with call outs labeling the replacement parts. Below the diagram is a pick list of all the replacement parts, noting the callout number, product image, product name, model number, and price. The user selects the quantity needed, then clicks the “Add to Cart” button to add the part(s) to their cart. It’s as simple as that.

Adding Replacement Part Functionality to your site’s product database includes:

Part replacement
Product listing

Save Time and Labor by Automating Your Replacement Part Ordering Process

Your team’s time is better spent on handling new leads than focusing on replacement part orders. Contact us to learn more about how our Replacement Parts Module improves your business operations and benefits your customers.

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