Stand Alone Product Configurators

A stand alone configurator from Ecreativeworks will help your customers find the right product for their needs, and can be integrated into your current website without the need for a major overhaul. Our product configurators are designed and built to your specifications, and are completely customized for your company's products.

What is A Stand Alone Product Configurator?

A product configurator is a custom part builder that enables visitors to your website to create the exact product they need by selecting from your available options, making it easy to accurately specify complex products. A stand alone product configurator is one that exists more or less independently of, but is fully integrated with, your website. It offers all of your custom-configurable products and the related features/options that customers can choose from, but does not require significant changes to your existing website to set it up.

The main purpose of a product configurator is to present—and hopefully sell—a finished product to a visitor to your website, without having to create separate pages or listings for every possible variation of your configurable product(s). For example, if Product X has three configurable features, each with 10 possible options, you’d need 30 individual pages or listings to show customers all the available versions; with a custom part builder, you need only a single page that provides all the available options in a configurable format. Instead of searching through 30 different pages/listings, customers can instead choose the specific options they need and instantly receive info on the final “custom” product.

Ecreativeworks’ Stand Alone Product Configurators

Our stand alone product configurators can be built with as many branching levels of options as your product(s) need. As the user selects options, new fields appear or are eliminated, where necessary, to create the most exact set of product specifications possible. Based on an “if/then” decision tree-style architecture, they prevent users from specifying incompatible options or from configuring an end product that can’t be provided.

We can build your stand alone online product configurator to be as customizable as your products require. Whether the products you sell are completely custom creations that use no standard part numbers, or if they're made by combining separate parts into customized end products, any essential category, field, or option can be built into your configurator.

Our product configurators can be integrated with your current website without the need for a major redesign or overhaul. This reduces implementation time and cost, and, because your existing website will retain most, if not all, of its current functionality, it’s far easier for your support team to learn the ins and outs of the new features.

How Our Stand Alone Configurators Work

These stand alone configurators are exceptionally easy to use—anyone familiar with a web browser will be able to use the configurator immediately. They use simple text boxes, pull-down menus, radio buttons, check boxes, or any necessary combination of these to guide users through the information gathering process.

The product configurator can also include CPQ (configure price quote) or ecommerce features. Once the user finalizes their selections, the configurator can present the user with a final price quote for their custom-configured product, or give them the option to immediately order online. If Product X with Option 1A is more expensive than Product X with Option 1B, the CPQ/ecommerce feature will automatically calculate the price difference and present the correct pricing for the user’s configured product.

After the user submits their purchase order or RFQ request, the custom part builder will automatically translate the information gathered into a readily useable production form or sales sheet for your team to use.

Example of a Product Configurator from Ecreativeworks:

Product Configurator Example

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Product Configurator Example

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Product Configurator Example

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For a live demo of this Product Configurator, click here and scroll to the bottom!


Ready to Add Product Configurator Capabilities to Your Website?

An Ecreativeworks stand alone product configurator is the solution you need. No matter what you sell, we can provide a custom part builder that meets your specifications. Contact us today to discuss a product configurator for your business.


Examples of Product Configurators:


Pentair - Minneapolis, MN

This product configurator offers cooling specification for indoor and outdoor telecommunication cabinets. Based on the needs of the application, it not only configures based on choices but also has many tools to help in formulas. Once configured, the user can send in a quote or link to the appropriate website page. This app is mobile-friendly and can be seen on all tablets and cell phones.
2219 Edgewood Ave S.
St. Louis Park, MN 55426
763-450-3900 • 888-234-5071

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