Internal Product Configurator

If your business needs a custom product configurator as a sales support tool for employees and/or affiliates, but that is not intended for general internet users, Ecreativeworks can create an internal product configurator that meets your unique requirements. This custom part builder option can help increase sales and customer satisfaction by making it easy for internal team members to specify complex products.

Advantages of Internal Product Configurators/Part Builders

An internal product configurator can provide a number of advantages for your business.

  • These password protected custom part builders boost efficiency by giving your employees, product dealers, and distributors a way to quickly and accurately build products to match customer specifications, as well as generating price quotes and/or completing sales. All essential configuration and part number building capabilities are built right in.
  • These powerful sales support tools are designed and built to your specifications, and are completely customized for your company's products.
  • Internal product configurators enable you to reverse-configure your competitors' products to match your part numbers for comparable or similar products.
  • They can stand alone or be seamless integrated into RFQ or ecommerce modules for quotes or purchases in a private environment. They can also mesh with CAD Viewer, CAD Publisher, and other programs, as needed.

Ecreativeworks’ Internal Product Configurators/Part Builders:

  • Feature user-friendly interfaces—anyone familiar with a web browser will be able to use the configurator with ease.
  • Give your sales, engineering, and other team members exclusive access through your company’s internal network.
  • Allow outside associates, such as field sales agents, to access your web-based product configurator via a password-protected internet login.
  • Make it easy for your sales team or distributors to configure complex engineering specifications for frequently customized products with multiple configurable features/options.
  • Provide robust security measures, giving you the administrative control you need to determine who has access to which functions of your private access product configurator, and when.

How Our Internal Product Configurator Solutions Work

Our internal product configurators are loaded with your company's unique product rules, along with questions designed to help users specify any and all necessary features and options.

Using simple text boxes, pull-down menus, radio button, and check boxes, these custom part builders guide users through the information-gathering process, step by step. No matter how technically adept the user is, the configurator’s straightforward interface makes it easy for them to find what they’re looking for.

Once the configuration process is complete, the product configurator automatically translates the information into a detailed production form. This document includes everything your company needs to manufacture and sell the custom-configured product.

Ready to Get Started on An Internal Product Configurator for Your Business?

Ecreativeworks’ powerful, easy to use internal product configurators are the ideal sales solution for your products. Contact us for the custom part builder your business needs.

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