5 Reasons to Create a Partnership with a Search Engine Marketing Firm

  1. Constant Search Engine Updates
    The major search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and the way they report results within a search query. It is very time consuming to keep up with their continuous changes and updates. Google updates their search algorithm approximately every 18 hours which amounts to over 500 times a year. It's definitely a full time job keep up with the robots! 
  2. Commitment Needed for Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns
    A commitment is needed when pursuing a search engine optimization program or PPC campaign. These programs require consistent website updates and strategic individualized tweaking of your optimization plan. Having an SEO or SEM consultant will help you free your time to pursue other marketing ideas.
  3. Competition in Organic & PPC Results 
    There are millions of web pages competing for #1 placement in organic search engine results and in first page results for Pay Per Click. A trustworthy SEO/SEM partner will provide you with constant site monitoring and assist in interpreting results and maintaining budgets.
  4. Fresh Eyes for Your Website to Help Increase Conversions
    You have been part of the growth and development of your company, know the ins and outs, and have spent plenty of time on your company website. Having a fresh set of eyes and an experienced professional's point of view may be just what you need to enhance your presence and increase your online conversions. It's sometimes helpful to have someone help you see the forest for the trees!
  5. Analytics & Support
    Partnering with an SEO/SEM firm opens the door to new interpretations and possibly new software for tracking and viewing analytics on your website. Most companies should report on web traffic, keyword visibility and conversion rates on your website and help you interpret the data presented. Along with analytics, the support you will receive from your partnership will aid in your SEO and SEM campaigns. There is always an efficient team behind your program, rather than one or two people in-house that can get hung up on the same problem.

To learn more about search engine optimization and what you should look for in an SEO partner, please visit the Industrial Search Engine Marketing Blog. Our blog brings industrial manufacturers, distributors and suppliers up to speed with the latest search engine marketing trends and technologies, to help support and enhance their current advertising programs, and help them make more informed decisions when it comes to evaluating their search engine marketing partners. This blog is maintained by our Internet marketing professionals.

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