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Marketing Strategies for Product Manufacturers

An industrial buyer’s visit to your website is your chance to get into their company’s buying process. To make the most of that opportunity, you need a website that delivers everything it takes to turn an industrial buyer into your customer.

Specializing in SEO & OEM Internet Marketing

Our B2B internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) solutions are custom-tailored to your business’s needs. We design our SEO and marketing programs to enhance your visibility in search engines and expand your reach, helping you reach the audience you’re looking for. Our OEM internet marketing programs include:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A good SEO strategy makes it easier for clients to find you when they search for the types of products you manufacture. After all, you can’t make a sale if no one can find you! Our SEO programs will help your website land more visitors and more conversions.

Blog Development & Management

An an OEM blog gives you the opportunity to discuss your products in greater detail and provide more real-world examples of how they work, giving potential customers a new look at your products that even the best marketing materials can’t provide. Plus, a well-maintained blog can boost your SEO efforts for even greater reach.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing lets you interact directly with your customers and helps you build relationships that foster brand loyalty. It’s also an effective way to get your message in front of your customers in a place where they’re already spending time.

Email Marketing

With B2B email marketing, you can contact past, current, and potential customers and deliver customized information for each segment. Email marketing is the perfect way to provide information on new products, reinforce or rekindle customer relationships, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic to your site, which can increase conversions. Our email marketing solutions are GDPR compliant.

Website Analytics

There’s no “one size fits all” approach to building a website. Through website analytics, we can get into the nuts and bolts of your website to see what’s working best and what we can do differently to achieve even greater success. Whether it needs minor tweaks or major upgrades, we can fine-tune your company’s website to accommodate your users’ specific needs and behaviors.

Call Tracking Service

Call tracking can give you a more complete picture of how your website and your online marketing campaign(s) are performing. With extensive call tracking data, we can help you understand who is calling, how they found you, and how to keep the right kinds of calls coming in.

OEM Website Design Solutions That Work

As an original equipment manufacturer whose products are sold direct or through multiple channels, you need a customized OEM website design that accommodates your sales approach and increases online conversions.

  • Ecreativeworks’ OEM website design solutions present your information in a structured format that gives end users and search engines a better understanding your products. This structure is ultimately designed to help improve your search engine rankings.
  • We provide multiple opportunities for your visitors to convert through your website, including options like Request for Quote forms, part/product configurators, and custom or "smart" forms.
  • Online conversions can be directed to the proper channels so you or your distributors can respond to inquiries in a timely fashion. All inquiries from your website are databased to ensure accountability and tracking of lead generation. These databased forms help provide a picture of how your website is performing, a function that enables you to more accurately measure ROI.


OEM Web Design Solutions Include:

Additional capabilities and custom programming are available


Ready for a more effective OEM website design or OEM internet marketing program? Contact Ecreativeworks today!


Highlighted OEM Project:

Radiation Protection Products

Radiation Protection Products’ website showcases Ecreativeworks' capabilities in industrial marketing services and website development for OEMs, addressing the needs of customers and generating leads for RPP’s specialized product offering.


Pneumadyne, Inc. came to Ecreativeworks for a website redesign. They are a successful OEM that utilizes our ecommerce product database. They have full integration with CAD drawings, distributor login and private catalogs for specific customer groups.



Zero-Max, an OEM of complex power transmission devices, needed a web design that showcases their technical expertise and provides complete product specifications. This site’s responsive design, 3D CAD capabilities, and other features give visitors an in-depth look at Zero-Max’s products.

Clean Air Products

Clean Air Products’ OEM website highlights the customizable nature of their products, providing PDF downloads, videos, and other technical information that helps their customers make informed decisions. And, like any web design worth its salt, Clean Air Products’ site is responsive


Kurt Workholding

Kurt Workholding needed a website design that could accommodate the highly technical nature of their products. Ecreativeworks delivered an OEM site with an easy to use product database, a full technical library, an express ordering option, and more.

Solon Manufacturing

Solon Manufacturing’s responsive website design includes an online chat feature for customer service, an interactive distributor finder, an expansive resource library, and, of course, a complete product database with “request for quote” functionality.

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