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Thanks to the rapid, nonstop evolution of smartphones and other mobile devices, more and more people are using those devices to search the internet. In fact, the latest numbers show that nearly 60% of all Google searches nationwide were performed on mobile devices. With those numbers in mind, it has never been more important for your company’s website to be accessible for users on any device.

A mobile responsive website is one that automatically adjusts its dimensions, features, and/or settings for proper performance on the device on which it is being viewed. Responsive websites often include functions, layouts, and navigational structures that are different from those seen when the site is viewed on desktop or laptop computers.

Websites without responsive mobile design can still be viewed on mobile devices; however, to find what they’re looking for on your site, users will have to scroll, tap,  pinch, and swipe. If you’ve ever visited a non-responsive site on your smartphone, you know how frustrating (and sometimes seemingly impossible) this can be. Users will find your non-responsive site difficult to navigate and, more than likely, quickly abandon their search and leave your site.

And it’s not just about losing potential conversions. When Google sees users abandoning your site, your site’s rankings will suffer, which, in turn, makes it more difficult for users to find your site in the first place.

What is Responsive Mobile Design?

Responsive mobile website design is a way of allowing desktop web pages to be viewed in formats or layouts that are tailored to the size of the screen and/or web browser on which the user is viewing the site. Responsive design provides the same content, overall design, and functionality from the website in question across a variety of devices, screen sizes, and screen proportions. A website with responsive design adapts the viewing experience using fluid and proportion-based grids, flexible images, and other specialized programming.

Advantages of B2B Responsive Web Design

  • Improves reach to users on mobile devices: Ever-improving technology has led to an explosion in the use of mobile devices—tablet sales alone are expected to top 100 million units in 2018—as well as a massive increase in internet usage through those devices. With more screens in the hands of more customers, a B2B mobile responsive design is critical to providing the best possible user experience.
  • Increased conversions/sales: A more consistent user interface across all platforms can lead to an increase in sales and conversion rates. By removing the challenges of adapting to a different version of your site, B2B responsive web design makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for and take the next step, be it making a purchase or reaching out for more information.
  • Easier website tracking & analysis: Having a single responsive website design for use across all platforms means that you only have to track one site’s data. This makes it far easier to monitor and analyze user behavior and website performance.
  • Improved SEO Effectiveness: Google gives mobile responsive websites better search rankings than sites that are not optimized for mobile devices. Because the same site will appear in search engine results on all devices and in all browsers, you can combine your search engine optimization efforts into a single strategy. B2B mobile responsive design reduces SEO maintenance time and lets you focus on making your site the best it can possibly be.
  • Reduced website development & maintenance costs: Compared to building a standalone mobile site, as was the common strategy in the early days of mobile device growth, incorporating B2B mobile responsive design minimizes development costs. You’ll only have to pay to build, maintain, and host one site. This also saves time on maintenance and reduces the possibility of technical errors.

B2B Mobile Responsive Design: Recommended by Google, Preferred By Users

Because responsive design makes both users and Google happy, it’s one of the smartest investments you can make. Ecreativeworks developers can design a site that works on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, to reach your clients anytime, anywhere. If you are interested in responsive design for your business website, contact us today.



Ecreativeworks’ B2B Mobile Website Solutions

A mobile B2B responsive web design from Ecreativeworks gives mobile device users the full experience of your company’s website in a format that is tailored to their screen, whatever it may be! No more pinching and

A B2B responsive web design from Ecreativeworks gives mobile device users the full experience of your company’s website in a format that is tailored to their screen, whatever it may be! No more pinching and swiping—all functions and features are modified for easy use on mobile devices.

Our mobile website solutions can also give you features that aren’t available on a desktop or laptop screen, like direct click-to-call. Ecreativeworks’ B2B mobile website design solutions make it easier than ever for customers and potential clients to reach you.

Examples of Ecreativeworks’ Responsive Designs


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If your company’s website doesn’t utilize responsive design, don’t wait any longer. You’re likely missing out on valuable customers and conversions every single day. Contact Ecreativeworks to get started on an effective responsive mobile design for your site. 


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