Business Mobile App Development

With the use of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices on the rise for professional purposes (as well as personal), it is worthwhile to consider business app development for your company in addition to a responsive web design. A recent study showed that:

  • 60% of buyers have purchased business-related products/services online
  • Over half of all buyers use mobile devices for B2B web browsing
  • Nearly a quarter of all buyers have used mobile devices to make business-related acquisitions

B2B mobile app development is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience of buyers, engineers, and others, all of whom need to find information on your products and/or services quickly and easily. These decision makers know the challenges they’re facing, and often know exactly what kind of solution they need. A dedicated mobile app for your company will help you demonstrate what you can do for them.

What is A Mobile Application?

  • An application is a mini program that can be downloaded and installed on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Mobile apps can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and users can download applications for free or for a set price.
  • An app can interact with data from your website and can be updated each time you are connected via your mobile internet capabilities or via WiFi.
  • Applications can be used without having to be connected to the internet, which makes this ideal for sales reps or engineers out in the field.
  • Ongoing fees must be considered when building an application. As Apple and Google continue to make changes, you’ll need to update your app on a regular basis.

Is B2B Mobile App Development Right for Your Company?

Business app development can provide a valuable extension of your website if you have the audience for it. B2B companies often use apps for:

  • Sales presentations, catalogs, and file access for their external sales team.
  • Pricing and initial quoting for offsite sales: tradeshows, customer visits, cold calling, etc.
  • Educating distributors and providing them with up to date product information.
  • Search functionality, calculators, and configurators for end users to solve everyday project needs

Ecreativeworks: The B2B Mobile App Developer You Need

We will work with you to develop a mobile app that provides everything your website’s visitors need. We can build a standalone app, or one that interacts with the data and admin of your ecommerce website or RFQ product database. An Ecreativeworks mobile app can help bring you to the next level with customers or your internal or external sales team.



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