B2B Shopping Cart Marketing

Improve your customers’ experience throughout the purchase process and after by implementing one or both of Ecreativeworks’ Shopping Cart Marketing programs.

Our Shopping Cart Abandonment and Customer Service Automation programs are an easy and efficient way for you to track purchases and shopping cart abandonment rates. You can also use the programs to send automated follow-up communications to your customers including thank you messages, return and warranty information, service updates, and more.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Customers abandon items in their online shopping carts for a variety of reasons: Sometimes they are doing price comparison research, or they were interrupted and unable to complete the purchase process and forgot about the items in their cart. Whatever the reason, Ecreativeworks’ Shopping Cart Abandonment program can help you recapture potential sales by sending customized, conversion focused email reminders that will lead customers back to your site to finalize their purchase.

Ecreativeworks’ shopping cart abandonment program runs in the background of your product database and works by monitoring when customers abandon their carts. This action prompts the program to send them real-time, personalized emails complete with images of the items they abandoned in their cart.

We do all the work for you by creating the customized email templates and having our developers add code to your website that tracks when visitors abandon their online shopping carts. You’ll receive a weekly report of online shopping activity outlining how many people made purchases, how many abandoned their carts, and how many returned to purchase their abandoned items.

What Are the Benefits of Shopping Cart Abandonment Programs?

  • Email templates are customized to reflect your company’s brand
  • Send up to three automated emails during the cart abandonment process. We recommend sending an email 20 minutes post-abandonment, 1 day post-abandonment, and 3 days post-abandonment.
  • Customers receive a personalized email featuring their abandoned cart items
  • Receive detailed reports that help you optimize your campaigns for maximum conversion rate

Contact Ecreativeworks today to learn more about the benefits our Shopping Cart Abandonment program.

Customer Service Automation

Customer interaction shouldn’t stop after they make their online purchase. There are often important follow-up communications related to warranty information, product updates and service details that you need to send. Tracking those communications can be a time-consuming activity that takes you away from other important tasks; help save time and streamline your process by implementing a Customer Service Automation program from Ecreativeworks.

Our customer service automation provides you with an efficient and effective way to communicate with your customers after the purchase process, including sending thank you emails and information related to return policies, warranties, product updates and more.

How Can Customer Service Automation Programs Help My Business?

Customer service automation emails help save you time, so you can place more focus on running your business.

  • Send automated “thank you” messages and follow-up emails to your customers such as consumables or replacement parts to help build customer relations
  • Alleviate the hassle of having to track when communications were sent out, and to whom
  • Tell customers about special promotions, product warranty information and service or maintenance programs for purchased items
  • Get reports detailing site visits so you can send tailored emails to current and potential customers based on search activity

We also offer industrial email marketing and newsletter programs to create a full communications package for your customers. Contact Ecreativeworks today to learn more.

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