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What is B2B Internet Marketing?

In simplest terms, internet marketing is a form of marketing that uses the internet to deliver messages to consumers; B2B internet marketing is essentially the same process, but is tailored to connecting businesses with other businesses. Also known as online marketing, online advertising, or digital marketing, internet marketing can be an effective way for a company to reach their target market and provide an online experience that keeps that company top-of-mind for potential customers.

An online industrial marketing strategy may incorporate a wide variety of tactics, but some of the most common include:


How Can B2B Digital Marketing Help My Business?

  • More conversions for less money: B2B internet marketing can help drive traffic, leads, and sales, and is generally less expensive than “traditional” marketing. A recent study found that internet marketing costs roughly 62% less than traditional, but delivers up to 3X as many leads.
  • Reach a worldwide audience: The worldwide nature of the internet allows your business to reach customers anywhere. There’s no better way to grow your customer base outside your home area.
  • Accommodates customers’ search habits: B2B digital marketing makes it easy for customers to find your business via their mobile devices. There are nearly 3 billion smartphone users worldwide, and most of today’s internet searches are conducted through mobile.
  • Better customer interaction: B2B digital marketing makes it easier to interact with your target audience. Engaging with your customers to address their questions and concerns can help drive sales and grow brand loyalty.


A History of Industrial Marketing & Website Development

Ecreativeworks grew from a strong base built on the hundreds of websites we’ve developed for industrial companies all across the United States. Those companies included contract manufacturers, distributors, service providers, and companies that manufactured, sold, and/or distributed stock and custom products. After initially using their websites as online sales brochures, these companies quickly discovered that to make the most of their B2B internet marketing efforts, they need to provide more online.

Ecreativeworks gave them more. Our website development and industrial marketing services include online capabilities such as part number configurators, computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, database application development, content management systems, and B2B ecommerce solutions that facilitate online purchases as well as detailed, online Request for Quote (RFQ) systems. As our clients’ needs evolve, we continue to grow and develop our capabilities to better fulfill their specific industrial website needs.

B2B Internet Marketing & More for Demanding Industries


With years of experience in industrial marketing, we know what buyers and specifiers need from OEMs and their websites. Our OEM website development and industrial marketing solutions will help you deliver an effective sales pitch to get your company and your products into your targeted customers’ buying process.


In order to meet sales goals, product distributors need to provide customers with a up-to-date product info, manufacturer details, pricing/discounts, and other key information. With our website development solutions for distributors, it’s easy for you to update your site with the info customers need, along with online purchasing options, RFQ capabilities, and more.

Contract Manufacturers

To make an impact with potential customers, contract manufacturers need to highlight their capabilities in an effective and accessible way. Our industrial marketing and website development services for contract manufacturers will help you demonstrate your skills to the audience you’re after.


Ecreativeworks are experts in both B2B and B2C digital marketing. Our proven B2C digital marketing and website development solutions include ecommerce capabilities, product search, faceted search and configurator options, SEO programs and SEO-friendly designs, and more. We give you the tools to reach your customers more effectively.





Beyond Industrial Websites

As our capabilities have grown, so, too, have the number of inquiries we’ve received from companies outside the industrial marketplace. We have worked with small, non-profit church organizations, law firms, doctor’s offices, online retail stores, and other clients all across the country. Ecreativeworks has the experience and the expertise to develop the perfect web solutions for any business’s needs.



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