Custom Product Configurator & Part Builder Modules

Ecreativeworks’ product configurator and part builder solutions are custom-tailored to your business and your products, making it easy for visitors to your website to specify the “custom” product they need. Our product configurator modules can be seamlessly integrated directly into your Ecommerce or RFQ Product Database, or be built as standalone solutions. Contact us today to get started on a product configurator for your company’s website.

What is A Part Builder?

A product builder (a.k.a. a “part builder” or “product configurator”) is a web application that lets visitors to your company’s website create the “custom” product they need, choosing from the various product options and features you offer. A product configurator module is an easy and effective solution for B2B or B2C companies that manufacture or distribute highly configurable/customizable products that include multiple variations of the same product.

For example, suppose your company sells Product XYZ in 10 different sizes and three colors. Customers using your product configurator to specify their own XYZ would be presented with configurable options for size and color. After making their selections in these fields, they would be presented with the “custom” version of the product that matches their specifications.

The main purpose of a custom product configurator is to present, and hopefully sell, a finished product to a customer, while presenting all the different options for that product without the need for a separate page or listing on your site for all possible variations. Using the above example, your company’s website would need 30 individual pages or listings to show all the available versions of Product XYZ. With a product builder module, your site would need just one page which offers all the available options in a configurable format. Customers won’t have to spend time searching through multiple product pages to find the XYZ they need—instead, they can “build” the XYZ they need and get information on the final product immediately.

This provides a better overall customer experience. In today’s ecommerce world, customers demand results ASAP, and studies show that the longer it takes a customer to find what they’re looking for, the more likely they are to abandon the website they’re on and search elsewhere for quicker results. A part builder saves your customers time, and that alone can be enough to improve sales/conversions.

Example of a Part Builder from Ecreativeworks:

Part Builder Example

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Part Builder Example

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Part Builder Example

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For a live demo of this Part Builder, click here!


How Ecreativeworks’ Custom Part Configurators Work

Your custom product configurator will be loaded with all of your product “rules”, options, and specifications, as well as any questions that may be needed to help the customer specify the exact features they need. Our part builder modules are entirely web-based, and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. Anyone familiar with a web browser will be able to operate the part builder with ease.

  • Easy-to-use text boxes, pulldown menus, radio buttons, and/or check boxes guide users through the information gathering process. The part builder can even prevent the user from choosing incompatible product options. No matter how technically-savvy the user is, the configurator enables them to find exactly what they need, quickly and easily.
  • Once the user has completed the part configuration process, the part builder can provide one or more options, depending on your preference: users can immediately order the custom-configured part or product online, request a quote (RFQ) for their custom-configured part, or send an email of the finished product with the user’s information.
  • After the user submits an online order, RFQ, or email request, the part configurator will automatically translate the product information into a readily useable production form or sales sheet, making it easy for you to provide the custom part/product the customer needs.
  • The administrators’ area of your custom part configurator can be used solely to manage your product data, or can be upgraded to manage changes in rules and formulas as your products evolve.

3D CAD Model Presentation for Part Builders

Our custom product configurator modules can be built with integrated 3D CAD capabilities to give users a dynamic, interactive model of their final, configured product. A custom 3D model gives users a better look at the product they’re building, which can help drive sales.

These industrial part builders can also interface with database forms, industrial ecommerce solutions, and RFQ shopping cart modules.

Ecreativeworks’ Custom Part Builder Options

  • Standalone configurator software integrated with your existing website
  • Product configurators built into an RFQ (Quote) or Cart Application
  • Configurators built to interface with ERP Systems for updates and submittals
  • Online configurator forms (smart answer forms)


Benefits of Ecreativeworks’ Part Configurators

Our custom part builder modules can help increase sales and lower your costs by reducing the time your company spends selling, engineering, and manufacturing products with multiple options or products that can be customized. By automatically translating unique product requests into the documentation and information required to sell and manufacture each order, our part configurators allow you to efficiently process orders for complex, customizable products.

These product configurators are designed for companies that manufacture custom-configured or completely custom products. Most part builders can handle only simple configurations or parametrically search a product catalog to give the impression that a configuration is taking place. Our extensive experience in web application development enables us to provide custom part configurator solutions that can accommodate complex product rules, using simple variations to cover tens of thousands of possible choices.



Examples of Our Custom Product Configurators

RC Systems

We built a part builder that allows RC Systems’ customers to specify gas detection systems that meet their unique needs. RC Systems’ catalog offers over a million possible combinations, making a user-friendly part configurator a necessity.

EUSTIS Pyrocom

This product configurator allows standard base products to be modified within the rules of each product. Once all possible features and options are specified, the application confirms the configuration and offers pricing.

Rosedale Products, Inc.

Because Rosedale Products develops liquid filtration systems and waste minimization products for customers worldwide, they needed a solution that could handle their extensive catalog. Thanks to the work we did for them, ordering from Rosedale Systems is easier than ever.


Ecreativeworks' Custom Part Builders:

  • are completely customized for your company, giving you all the functionality you need, with nothing that you don’t.
  • are programmed with your company’s unique product rules and/or questions designed to guide users through the configuration process quickly and easily.
  • automatically direct customers to online purchase options, RFQ (request for quote) forms, or contact e-mails, per your preference.
  • automatically translate information gathered through the configuration process into detailed production forms and/or sales sheets.
  • can be integrated with industrial ecommerce solutions, RFQ shopping cart modules, ERP systems, CAD Viewer, CAD Publisher, and other programs.
  • require no yearly licensing fees or additional payments after launch.
  • can be hosted from anywhere with proper support staff.


Contact Us for A Custom Part Configurator for Your Company’s Website

Interested in adding a part builder/part configurator to your website? Ecreativeworks has the solution you need. Contact us today to discuss the custom configurator you need.

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