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Having an ecommerce site provides your customers with a convenient way to view and purchase your products but if orders are not maintained properly, it can present challenges that result in a bad customer experience. B2B companies need to track orders and inventory, but are also tasked with tracking invoicing, PO’s, account management, discounts, promotions, and custom orders.

When you operate an ecommerce site and ERP system independently of one another, data must be maintained in two separate places. This is a time-consuming process that increases the chances of errors and can lead to a number of issues including:

  • Missed or delayed shipments
  • Incorrect or cancelled orders
  • Fulfillment errors

These errors are costly and cause customer dissatisfaction that can lead to decreased sales and impact your reputation as a business. In addition to customer frustration, correcting the issues and dealing with customer complaints takes up valuable time that could otherwise be spent focusing on building your business. ERP website integration provides a solution to these and other issues by streamlining the ordering process and improving data accuracy. Your customers will enjoy an improved shopping experience and you will enjoy the benefits of a flexible and customized program.

How ERP Integration Improves Business Processes and Customer Relations

ERP website integration eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and helps create a smoother process by allowing you to track inventory, pricing, invoicing, order history and shipping. This also frees up time for employees to focus on RFQ’s and other customer inquiries. Another benefit of B2B ecommerce ERP integration is that it simplifies your reporting process by collecting and analyzing data from a single system instead of having to piece together data from two systems.

B2B ecommerce ERP integration provides several advantages over operating separate ERP and ecommerce databases, including:

  • Product prices on the website automatically change when updates are made in the ERP system
  • Direct communication with the ERP fulfillment system after a customer completes their purchase
  • Significant decrease in errors associated with incorrect shipping, billing and payment information
  • Single system communication to reduce the occurrence of data loss and processing errors
  • Convenient and accurate order tracking
  • Accurate reflection of stock counts prevents fulfilment of orders for products that are not in stock
  • Fewer errors associated with manual ordering such as miskeyed entries

B2B ecommerce ERP integration is fully customizable based on your specific needs and goals. It also grows with your company as you add increase your product offering and work towards your long-term sales goals. With ERP website integration you can handle increases and decreases in online ordering with ease and effectively manage your accounts.

Drive Your Company’s Success with ERP Integration Solutions from Ecreativeworks

There are several quick-fix integration solutions out there, but they have more limited capabilities and aren’t always reliable, which can cause issues down the road. A better option is to invest in B2B ecommerce ERP integration that is reliable and designed to grow with your business.

Ecreativeworks provides ERP integration solutions that will streamline your ordering process and enhance the overall customer experience. Whether you have a shopping cart, customer portal or a combination of both we can work with you to provide ERP integration solutions that meet your requirements.

Our team specializes in industrial marketing and understands the unique needs of B2B industrial companies. We’ll work with you through every step of the process to develop a data migration plan and backup strategy for a smooth transition and to ensure your ERP website integration project a success. Our skilled project managers and developers have completed countless ERP integration projects and understand the challenges that can come along with integrating two systems.

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