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B2B and B2C product distributors face many unique challenges, not the least of which is building an effective website. Your site must be easy to update with the latest product details and pricing, built for search engine visibility, and help you maintain your current customer base. You need a website that can serve as an extension of your sales team and that:

  • Provides manufacturer details
  • Delivers up to date product information
  • Offers pricing for the general public
  • Shows specific discount pricing to customers, dealers, and resellers
  • Gives visitors who are not ready to buy an opportunity to request a quote on specific products


For more than 15 years, Ecreativeworks has been working with B2B and B2C distributors to provide custom industrial website solutions that make working with customers easier and more effective.

Industrial Marketing & Website Design Solutions for Distributors

Ecreativeworks’ web design/development and website marketing/SEO services are an effective combination for B2B and B2C distributors of all types of products. We can create the site you’re looking for, one that delivers the functionality you need to display the latest and greatest products in the lines you carry, alongside effective search engine optimization strategies that will help you reach a wider audience.

Custom Sites for B2B Distributors & B2C Distributors

Depending on the products they sell and the manufacturers they work with, distributors may focus on B2B or B2C sales, or they may do both. Ecreativeworks has worked extensively with all three types of distributors. We have experience in both B2B and B2C industrial marketing, and understand the key differences between B2B and B2C search engine optimization. We provide solutions that are custom-tailored to your target market.

Whether you specialize in B2B, B2C, or both, our team will work with you to develop effective SEO and industrial marketing strategies aimed at your customer base. We’ll build a site that gives you an easy way to edit and manage your products and any private catalogs you may maintain for your customers.

Distributor Website Features & Applications

  • Online purchasing capabilities, including sales via credit cards and/or house accounts
  • Customer login for special pricing (discounts, etc.)
  • Site search (by manufacturer, part number, or product type)
  • Accurate shipping cost calculators
  • Request for quote forms
  • Side-by-side product comparisons
  • The ability to offer specials, sales, and featured products


Industrial Marketing Solutions for Distributors


Paid Search vs. Organic Search: Which is Best for Distributors?

When using Google or another search engine, the results that are marked with “Ad” are paid search results, while those that appear below—the non-ads—are organic search results. Traffic from both types of search results is useful, but organic traffic is considered more valuable because organic results are ranked based solely on the quality and content of the page.

While essentially anyone can buy their way into the top of paid search results, if your website ranks high in organic results, this indicates that your content is of higher quality. The highest-ranked websites in organic search (the first page of results) receive more than 90% of all traffic through Google. If you’re ranking high in organic search, you’re definitely doing things the right way!

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Looking for a web design and marketing company that understands the needs of B2B and B2C distributors? Look no further than Ecreativeworks. Contact us today to get started.

Highlighted Distributor Websites

Chapman Electric Supply

With a website design that continues to evolve and strong search engine optimization strategies, Chapman's business has grown year after year.

Dakota Safety

Dakota Safety has taken control of their content management system and uses it to their full advantage. From product specifications to CAD files, this website is a facilities manager's dream.

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