Distributor Locator Tool

A Simple Solution for OEMs, Dealers & Sales Reps

Are you an OEM with multiple sales reps, dealers or distributors across the U.S. or around the world? Are they complaining because they aren’t getting enough leads? Are you frustrated because you’re spending precious time sending leads manually, or because you know some leads aren’t being followed up on?

Ecreativeworks offers a simple solution that will make OEMs, dealers, and sales reps happy. Our distributor locator software allows potential customers to either submit an RFQ or inquiry directly to a dealer or rep from your OEM website, or to use a database to find a sales rep they can contact based on their geographical location or product of interest.

Easy to Use Distributor Locator Software

Our distributor locator tool is a standalone database that is designed to work on both desktop browsers and mobile devices. This software can be integrated into your custom database to send quote forms directly to your dealers based off your criteria. Or, it can be a separate tool on your website that allows visitors to find the dealer they’re looking for based on their location or the products serviced.

All leads sent to a dealer can be databased so you can follow up with your different sales channels to make sure they’re handling the leads they’re receiving. Information can be exported into an Excel document for ease of use.

The distributor locator tool eliminates the need to manually send leads to your dealers. And, with an interactive map or location search function, it’s easy for the end user to find the right person or company to contact about your products. All it takes is a few clicks.

Search results will provide your customer with the dealer’s phone number, website, email address, or any combination of these options. You can even include an integrated map that provides driving directions to your dealer’s location.


Ready to Make the Most Out of Your Dealer Network?

No matter how large your network is, Ecreativeworks’ distributor locator tool is the perfect way to connect your customers to your dealers. Contact us for custom distributor locator software for your website.


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