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Ecommerce Copywriting that Works

Your products or services may be the best in the world, but they won’t sell themselves. Just as your top salespeople need the right pitch to close deals, your ecommerce website needs the right content to create conversions.

Effective copy is more than just a description of your products or services—it’s concise, informative writing that’s designed to convert. Ecreativeworks’ B2B copywriters have extensive experience writing copy that will convince your website’s visitors to take the next step you need, be it an online purchase, a request for quote, or a contact email.


Industrial Expertise & Cutting-Edge Copy

Our copywriters combine top-flight writing skills, proven SEO best practices, and knowledge of the B2B industrial marketplace to deliver copy that is designed to meet your unique needs.

Based on information from your existing site and marketing materials, research into your products and industry, and, as needed, discussions with your team over the phone or via email, our ecommerce copywriting team will craft the compelling copy you need to turn your website’s visitors into paying customers.

Contact Ecreativeworks for comprehensive web copywriting services from our talented wordsmiths.


Clear, Compelling Ecommerce Copywriting with Readers & SEO in Mind

The industrial B2B world is different from other B2B or ecommerce markets, and your website’s copy must be tailored with that in mind. Our copywriters not only speak the language of your industry, they also have the skills and the knowhow to:

  • Hook your readers with engaging copy
  • Highlight what sets your products/services apart
  • Address website visitors’ problem and present your products as the solution they need
  • Unobtrusively incorporate keyword phrases into copy, to optimize your site for search engines without distracting readers
  • Write unique product descriptions that convey the same key information as manufacturer spec sheets without duplicating the manufacturers' content

Like all good writing, our industrial B2B and ecommerce copywriting services Show rather than Tell. For example, anyone can say their customer service is “responsive.” But rather than tell your readers you’re responsive, we show it. Do you answer your business line, even while you’re on vacation halfway across the country? Will your team drop everything to help a client, even on Christmas? Do you offer onsite consultation? We’ll get into the meat and potatoes of what makes your company stand out from the competition and relay that information to website users in a clear, concise, and compelling fashion.

Client Approval

It's your site—everything on it should be an accurate reflection of you. That's why, when we write copy, we submit it to our clients before it goes “live,” giving you the opportunity to make changes and approve its content.

Better Copy, Better Sites

Upgrading your web copy can improve the look of your site just as much as a new design. In fact, when it's done right, you can tell it's better with just a glance. Whether you’re building a website from scratch or want to improve the copy on your existing site, Ecreativeworks’ web copywriting services will help you connect with your industrial B2B audience. A quick look at the examples below will show just how much of a difference good ecommerce copywriting can make.




Serenity Health & Home Décor

Serenity Health & Home Decor sells fountains, fire pits, and other items directly to consumers. As you can see, the original copy is long and not organized well; it loses the reader’s attention very quickly. Ecreativeworks’ B2B copywriter reorganized the copy by adding headings that are designed to draw the eye and help users find what they are looking for. Additionally, these headers help to improve the site's SEO.

Sun Fast International

Sun Fast International's original page lacked SEO-boosting headers and was short on information. Ecreativeworks added headers to the page and fleshed out the copy with more pertinent information so that it provides the level of detail that users need to make an informed decision. Keywords were used unobtrusively throughout the copy to improve SEO performance without distracting the reader.


Updated & Upgraded Ecommerce Copywriting for Your Industrial B2B Site

If you're ready to improve the content on your website, Ecreativeworks’ copywriting team is prepared to reorganize, rewrite, and reinvigorate your site’s copy. Our ecommerce copywriting is backed with information provided by you and gathered through our own research, to ensure that all information provided to visitors is accurate and applicable to your business. The end result is copy that is relevant, accurate, and helpful to the people it needs to reach most: your customers.

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