Industrial Content Management Systems (CMS)

What is A CMS in Web Design?

A website needs content to be successful. A CMS, or content management system, is a website application or similar program that is used to create new content or to modify existing content on said website. An effective B2B CMS design enables users* to add, remove, and manage the content on the website, with no technical experience needed! An online content management system is a fast and easy way to edit text and product specifications, add or delete images, and more.

CMS content management systems may include a wide variety of features. Most CMSs including digital content publishing, editing, and version control, format management capabilities, indexing, and search functions, among others.

* Behind-the-scenes users authorized by your business; not to be confused with website visitors


Benefits of A CMS Content Management System

  • Easy to Edit & Maintain: In an industrial content management system, the content editing function of the site is separated from the design and functionality of the site. This enables users to add, delete, edit, and format new content without knowledge of coding or other technical training.
  • Accessibility Options: Selective access can be provided to each user, depending on their role: author, editor, administrator, etc. Some users may have restricted access, perhaps only to add and edit their own content, while others may be granted universal access to all areas of the CMS.
  • Real Time Updates: Content edits can be made and additions can be added in real time with a CMS content management system, making it easy to keep the info on your site up to date. Other features, such as menus and headers, can also be updated instantly.
  • Good for SEO: With customizable page titles, headers, meta data, and URLs, a CMS can be highly beneficial to your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts. By optimizing these and other features for maximum impact, you can help improve your site’s search engine rankings.


Ecreativeworks’ B2B CMS Design Solutions

Ecreativeworks delivers effective, easy-to-use industrial content management systems designed for the evolving needs of your business, your customers, and your industry. Our website content management systems make it easy for you to upload and edit content on your website, enabling you to build and expand on your site, page by page, as needed.

Our CMS content management systems are designed to meet your company’s unique needs and built for ease of use. We provide a complete, interactive tutorial to ensure that you know exactly how your CMS works before we integrate it into your site. A recording of this tutorial is also provided, giving you a handy reference for future use.

Our industrial content management systems are… 

  • Search engine friendly, making it easy for customers and potential clients to find you online.
  • Fully customizable to your company’s needs—you won’t have to try to fit your information into a pre-built, “out of the box” CMS.
  • Backed by our exceptional technical support team, who provide complete training on updating and maintaining your CMS.
  • Easy to use and designed to give you complete control of your CMS; or, if you prefer, Ecreativeworks can host and maintain your system.


Ecreativeworks’ CMS Content Management Systems Make It Easy To…

  • Make changes to your website’s navigation
  • Add or remove pages when necessary
  • Change your content to keep your site up to date
  • Manage photos, files, and user access
  • Preview changes before they go live
  • View your website’s organizational structure
  • Archive old pages of your website for backup purposes


Contact Us for Effective B2B CMS Design

Need an industrial content management system for your website? Ecreativeworks has the effective, easy-to-use CMS solution you’re looking for. Contact us today to get started.

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