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Many companies in the industrial marketplace have a budget set for their marketing and advertising dollars. In some cases, it’s a “use them or lose them” approach, while in others, the budget always needs to be justified or trimmed back. Regardless of your company’s approach, it is always a good idea to review your marketing efforts and determine what’s working for you and what’s giving you your best return on investment.

Ecreativeworks’ expert B2B marketing consultants provide consulting services and website marketing programs that are customized to fit your need. With our consulting services we can:

  • Help you determine the effectiveness of your ThomasNet program, GlobalSpec, Kelly Search programs or the like. Our website marketing consultant will monitor these factors on an as-needed basis or quarterly throughout the year to make sure you’re getting the possible best results
  • Evaluate and measure the ROI for all of your online marketing efforts, from SEO and PPC to directories, banner ads, and online publications
  • Help maintain your website and make the adjustments needed to keep it accurate and in line with any new directions you may take as a company
  • Develop content for email marketing, for your website, or online advertising efforts
  • and more

Our B2B marketing consultants provide unbiased evaluations, and will give you the best analysis and recommendations based on the data they’ve gathered.

Working in the industrial marketplace for nearly twenty years, Ecreativeworks has found that not every strategy works well for every company. We have also seen specific marketing efforts work well for a contact manufacturer, but not for a distributor or OEM or vice versa. That’s why our website marketing recommendations are tailored to your unique business. Our goal is to help you become a powerhouse online and to use your marketing budget where you’ll see the biggest return on investment.



Want to give your business a true competitive advantage?

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