Applicant Tracking & Career Module Applications

Finding and hiring qualified applicants takes time and money—two of your company’s most valuable resources. While there’s not much Ecreativeworks can do to bring down the cost of posting jobs on boards like, we have worked with clients to help them reduce the time they spend managing job postings and applications.

Our job tracking career module integrates seamlessly with our Content Management System (CMS) and our Industrial Platform. That means we can easily add a career module to your existing site.

How Does Applicant Tracking Work?

Applicant tracking software makes it easy to electronically manage job listings and track, share, and evaluate incoming information from applicants. Easy to use for both applicants and your HR team, our powerful and effective, our online applicant tracking system can be seamlessly integrated into your existing website.


Features & Benefits of Ecreativeworks’ Recruitment System

Jobs library:
Adding new job openings to your website just got a whole lot easier. Our job tracking career module lets you create a library of jobs that you can use again and again. For example, you can create a posting for a Tool Room Machinist and save it in the library; the next time you have an opening for a machinist, instead of recreating the posting from scratch, you can simply reopen the Tool Room Machinist listing that’s already in your library and easily change the date and any other information that may have changed.

Convenience for Applicants:
Our recruitment system gives you the option of letting people apply for jobs directly through your website, or to submit a cover letter and resume. By offering both options, you can cast a wider net to find the best and most qualified applicants.

Applicant Management:
Every time a prospective employee submits an application, the data is saved into a database that you can sort and export. The job tracking career module allows you to manage information from all candidates for future reference, whether or not you’ve interviewed or hired the applicant. Once the data is exported, you can sort using any criteria you want: years of experience, application date, education, etc.


We’ll be happy to show the custom solutions we’ve built
and discuss the possibility of building one for you.


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The Ecreativeworks team will be happy to show you the customized job tracking career modules we’ve built for our clients and discuss custom options for your business. Contact us today to add online applicant tracking software to your company’s website.

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