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Monitoring Your Online Marketing

Your website or online marketing program may be generating phone calls, but it can be difficult to measure the true ROI of these efforts. Call tracking can help paint a more complete picture.

Ecreativeworks’ Internet Marketing Specialists offer call tracking services as part of our industrial B2B website marketing strategies. Call tracking is an effective way to determine just how well your online marketing campaigns are working, from your website itself to paid programs such as pay per click (PPC), or listings with GlobalSpec, ThomasNet, or industry specific publications. Our call tracking solutions help measure what advertisements are generating leads, and can help determine the quality of those leads.

Online Call Tracking That’s Tailored to Your Needs



With Ecreativeworks’ call tracking marketing, you can receive any or all of the following, per your preferences:

  • Unique 800 (toll-free) and/or localized phone number(s)
  • A set amount of minutes per phone line, determined by the number of lines and sources being tracked
  • Easy-to-understand minutes and coverage costs that can be adjusted quarterly once tracking has begun
  • Monthly reviews and/or reporting on calls

Effective Call Tracking Solutions

Our online call tracking services allow you to monitor as many phone numbers as needed, and we can provide specified phone lines to track both paid and unpaid online marketing tools. Your entire online advertising program can be tracked, with a dedicated phone number for online customers. Unique numbers can track specific campaigns to identify which efforts are generating the most leads and sales.

Each phone number can be recorded and saved for up to 90 days in order to review and evaluate each call. Ecreativeworks can assist with call reviews by listening to your calls to determine the quality of each lead and the original source of the call. Monthly reports will fully relate all applicable call tracking info to you. For example, we summarize, “Person A called from Company 1 after seeing your PPC ad, Person B called from Company 2 after visiting your ThomasNet account,” etc.

If you choose to listen to your calls on your own, Ecreativeworks can still provide monthly reports, showing how often each phone number was dialed and the number of answered calls, hang-ups, and dropped calls corresponding with each.

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