Updated Youtube Comment System, powered by Google+

Last Fall when YouTube announced they were updating their comment system with the new YouTube One Channel upgrade, people like myself who manage YouTube Channels for brands or companies wanted to sing from the hilltops. If you’ve spent anytime on YouTube since it’s inception in 2005, you’ll know that YouTube comments aren’t exactly the hotbed […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Industrial Video Production for Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Broadcast

Yes, You Do Need a YouTube Channel for Your Company’s Videos YouTube has developed into a very effective ‘Social Media’ influencer in the marketplace and is the undisputed leader in the internet video channel space. Accounting for upwards of one billion visitors (unique) per month, YouTube is positioned nicely as an effective visual tool to […]

New Youtube One Channel Features

Youtube One Channel Desktop, TV & Mobile View

If you’ve spent any time on YouTube recently, you may have noticed that things look a little—or a lot—different. Earlier this summer, YouTube rolled out their newest design, called the YouTube One Channel. Although it’s been an optional beta upgrade for quite some time, all channels have now been permanently upgraded to the new design. […]

5 Great Video Ideas for Your Industrial Website

It was already two years ago when Ecreativeworks internet marketing mavens tipped our clients to jumping onto the website video and YouTube train. It was based on reports from ComScore (an agency that measures search engine traffic globally) which ranked YouTube’s overall search use as second only to Google. Taking advantage of this search level […]