The Importance of Having a Responsive Website

Due to the prevalence of smart phones and other mobile devices, having a responsive website is not just a good idea, but a necessity. Without it, you’re risking search engine penalties and frustrated users, which ultimately hurts your company’s online credibility and cost you potential sales. Responsive Web Design (RWD) creates a single, fluid website […]

How a Redesigned Website Can Result in Lowered Traffic (But Not Permanently)

If you’ve been through a website redesign – whether in the last ten days or last ten years—you know that it’s a process with many exciting moments. It can feel as if you’re lost in a sea of difficult questions: What should the new website look like? How many pages should it be? What will […]

Is it time to redesign your site?

Hold on…before you go and leave this post because you don’t want to hear the latest trends in graphic design, or how making your site look fresher will increase your online business by X%.  I would like to talk about what your site may really need in a redesign.   I am talking about SEO or […]

Setting the Mood: Website Design

We set the mood for so many events in life—whether it’s a date, a business meeting, an interview, or a night in with the family. Imagine you have an interview. Deciding what to wear is important and the clothes you choose can help make or break your career application. You need to set the right […]