An Introduction to SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a phrase you have probably heard bouncing around all corners of the internet. You may have been confused by what those three letters meant or why everyone keeps telling you it will help your business. Don’t worry; we’re here to help. The Basics of Search Engine Optimization First and […]

What Is Your Web Content Freshness Date?

Update website content

Let’s put it this way, your “Web Content Freshness Date” timeline is in no way analogous to a spent nuclear fuel rod’s half-life. However, many companies think that their content is performing wonderfully with their “new” website having been launched in February 2007 and their last update to the site consisting of a “News Release” […]

Keyword Focus Through Good Research

Keyword research is perhaps one the most boring & mundane parts of the SEO to do list when starting a new website project, redesign or arguably when taking a second look at a long running project.   At least that is what most SEO professionals or do-it-yourselfers will say if you ask.   Thankfully for the clients […]

Things My Dad Would Say About SEO Projects

Many times when I am working on a project, things that my dad would say to me growing up come to mind.  You see, my dad was and still is to this day a work-a-holic.  This has led to what I consider to be “my great work ethic”.  I consider myself not to be a […]

Keyword Research: Getting Started

Let’s sit down together and have a little talk about how we should tackle your  keyword research  with your new website or even a simple redesign (adding SEO in, if you have not before).  First thing I would like to talk about is how we should start thinking about what keyword phrases to brainstorm: 1.  […]

Let’s Build it Together

If you are like me, you may consider yourself a “jack-of-all-trades” kind of person.  I myself like to know as much as I can about everything and many times think I can do just about whatever it is that I put my mind to .  But, there are just some things that you need to […]

Sizing up the competition: Can I beat them?

If you don’t follow me regularly on this blog, I work primarily with new website projects and one thing that I do on a regular basis is size up the competition for my clients.  What happens is, my client will give me a list of around 5 websites of companies that they feel are their […]

Website Projects Are A Lot Of Work?!

I work with a lot new website projects, both from the standpoint of a brand new site and redesigns of existing sites.  I will tell you from experience that both require a lot of work.  To clarify this:  they require work, not only from your website development company but also from you the company owner/marketing […]

SEO Moonshine & New Websites

How is SEO like moonshine you may be asking yourself right now after reading my rather weird title this week?   First off I will explain:  I am a “moonshiner” of sorts in my spare time.  I have a little hobby making my own beer in a small 2 ½ gallon fermenter after which I bottle […]

Pick the Right SEO Company

If you are an avid reader of our blog you probably have a good feel for what is it that we can do for a company like yours, but what else should you look for in an SEO company.   I am going to cover a few points that I would want to consider if I […]