Mobile-First Indexing and How it Can Impact Your Site’s Ranking

Until this past March, Google’s bots crawled, indexed and ranked sites based on the desktop version. Now that has all changed and the search engine first uses the mobile version of a website for indexing and to determine search rankings. The purpose of this “mobile-first” indexing update is to provide better search results for users, […]

A Responsive Site Can Improve Your SEO

Responsive Web Design

You know that it’s important for your website to reach people on mobile phones and tablets. But what’s just as important is how your site reaches them. Responsive websites are the best way to reach users across a broad spectrum of devices. And an added bonus? Making your site responsive will help improve your SEO. […]

Why You Should Choose Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design isn’t necessarily a new approach to web design, but it is one that is becoming more and more important. Wikipedia has a fairly expansive definition of what Responsive Web Design actually entails. In short, however, it’s important to know it is a method for designing your website for an optimal viewing experience, […]