Paid Search Keyword Research Tools

While there is a seemingly infinite amount of resources available for keyword research, I’d like to cover a handful of my favorite tools relevant to paid search. Before diving in, I emphasize continually keeping negative keywords in mind and make a concerted effort to continue building your negative keyword lists so that they don’t just […]

Combined Search and Social Campaigns Lead to Twice As Many Conversions, Study Says

marin study example 001

A recent study released by Marin Software offers some insight in how a cohesive cross-channel marketing technique can lead to increased conversions. In their research, they found that companies who use both search and social paid advertising in a cohesive effort have seen their conversions double, and with that comes doubled revenue per click rate, […]

Target Your Advertising Dollars Online with Programmatic Buying

What is Programmatic Buying?

An Introduction to Programmatic Buying As an advertiser, it’s easy to get lost on the Internet. Where to place ads? How much to spend? Through which channels can I place ads? YouTube, Google, Facebook? How should I be using Adwords? Well, if only to complicate things further, the latest avenue through which online marketers have […]