Creating Mobile Friendly Content: A Hitlist

The discussion about how traffic is trending toward mobile users is a thing of the past.  We’re there. Mobile surpassed desktop traffic back in 2015 and in internet time, that’s eons.  Since then, Google has introduced mobile first indexing and the tides have seriously shifted in favor of optimizing toward the mobile experience.  It’s time […]

A Responsive Site Can Improve Your SEO

Responsive Web Design

You know that it’s important for your website to reach people on mobile phones and tablets. But what’s just as important is how your site reaches them. Responsive websites are the best way to reach users across a broad spectrum of devices. And an added bonus? Making your site responsive will help improve your SEO. […]

Mobile Websites: What is the Value to the Manufacturing Sector?

industiral mobile design

Mobile Websites and Applications: Value to Manufacturing Sector “I’m a manufacturer, what do I need ‘Responsive’ web design or ‘Native App’ digital architecture for? It isn’t critical to my clientele’s needs. Our sales cycle is much slower and custom product driven, mobile platforms are for retail and service industries that require fast turn and incentive […]