Paid Search Keyword Research Tools

While there is a seemingly infinite amount of resources available for keyword research, I’d like to cover a handful of my favorite tools relevant to paid search. Before diving in, I emphasize continually keeping negative keywords in mind and make a concerted effort to continue building your negative keyword lists so that they don’t just […]

How to Shift Your Keyword Focus after Google’s Hummingbird & [Not Provided] Updates

Google's not provided keywords

It’s been a busy fall at Google Headquarters (I’m assuming, although I haven’t been peeking in through windows or anything). First was the confirmed release of a new algorithm “engine” in Hummingbird, released late August 2013. Changes here included a better code used to discern user intent in search. Next (and it was no coincidence) […]

Planting the Seeds for Keyword Optimization

sprouting lettuce seeds

  Gardening has been a passion of mine for the past several years.  Lately, I have found myself answering plant questions from friends, co-workers, and neighbors on a regular basis.  I started thinking about the knowledge I have in gardening and what I do at work: internet marketing.  The two come together almost seamlessly, especially […]

B2B SEO Strategy: Part 2

Alright, we’re back with Part 2 of the B2B SEO Strategy Guide. Last time (B2B SEO Strategy: Part 1) we talked about how to pick good keywords: run a PPC campaign and pick the terms that drive revenue, not just clicks. This time, we’re going to talk about how you figure out what it will […]