Why You Should Give Up Your Target Keywords For Lent

ecw example

When people think of Search Engine Optimization for their website, they think of keyword targeting, content optimization, targeted phrase link building, and so on. What they often DON’T think about, however, is creating content that works smarter, not harder. So, in the spirit of Lent, where people are giving up their actions they consider to […]

How to Shift Your Keyword Focus after Google’s Hummingbird & [Not Provided] Updates

Google's not provided keywords

It’s been a busy fall at Google Headquarters (I’m assuming, although I haven’t been peeking in through windows or anything). First was the confirmed release of a new algorithm “engine” in Hummingbird, released late August 2013. Changes here included a better code used to discern user intent in search. Next (and it was no coincidence) […]

Google Hummingbird & You

Google Hummingbird

Last week, Google quietly dropped some major news—they made a huge update to their core search algorithm, one that will likely affect up to 90 percent of searches worldwide. Known as “Hummingbird” for whatever reason, this change was actually implemented about a month ago, but wasn’t formally announced until last week. What is Google Hummingbird? […]