How a Redesigned Website Can Result in Lowered Traffic (But Not Permanently)

If you’ve been through a website redesign – whether in the last ten days or last ten years—you know that it’s a process with many exciting moments. It can feel as if you’re lost in a sea of difficult questions: What should the new website look like? How many pages should it be? What will […]

Google is Splitting its Index to Prioritize Mobile

What that Means and What You Should Do A few weeks ago, we blogged about the real-world reasons to make your site responsive. Here’s one more: Google is splitting its search index and prioritizing mobile search over desktop. This is a continuation of the trend that started in April 2015, when Google rolled out ‘Mobilegeddon,’ […]

Real-World Reasons to Make Your Site Responsive

By now, you’ve heard a lot of talk about responsive sites. You know that Google’s algorithm gives priority to responsive sites in mobile searches. You’ve heard many people tell you that you need to go responsive, or be left behind. You may think that responsive doesn’t really apply to your industry or your customers; responsive […]

Does Your Website Take too Long to Load?

A website that is slow to load is like a car that won’t start: it doesn’t get you to where you want to go. If your website is slow to load, that is likely the reason you aren’t getting the results you expected. The fact is, users have very little patience when waiting for sites […]

What to Do When Your Website Has a Scary, 90s Look

In the digital world, a 90s-style website is the equivalent of the haunted Victorian house: scary and outdated. Only the bravest dare go inside.   A bar, restaurant or hotel that has classic decor from a bygone era can get away with holding on to the same look for the duration of it’s existence. But […]

Local Left Linking and Faceted Search: Can You Have Both?

Clients sometimes ask: “Does adding faceted search to our site mean we have to get rid of our local left navigation?” The answer is no. In fact, you shouldn’t get rid of it. Both local left navigation and faceted search provide essential aid to customers searching for the right product. Take a look at just […]

1 Big Reason You Need to Evaluate Your Mobile Traffic

Are Industrial Buyers/Engineers Sourcing on Mobile Phones? On April 21st, 2015, Google rolled out its much-touted “mobile-friendly” update. The change was designed to give priority to mobile-friendly sites in mobile searches. Since then, you’ve probably received frequent — if not daily — calls from website marketing companies insisting that you need to make your website […]

Top 5 Most Annoying Bits of Feedback You Can Give to Your Website Designer

What’s the secret to getting the website of your dreams? Lean in close and I’ll tell you: it’s the ability to give solid, constructive feedback to the people who design and build your website. A lot of people don’t realize that giving feedback is a skill. Anyone can offer an opinion, but offering feedback that […]

Replace Flyouts with Faceted Search

Once upon  a time, flyouts were the latest and greatest innovation for online catalogs. But now, newer and better technologies are replacing flyouts. If your site still relies on flyouts to help users find what they’re looking for, it might be time to make a switch. Is it Time to Replace Your Flyouts with Something […]

5 Must-Haves for Industrial Sites

What does your website need besides a sitemap, a color scheme and a few pictures? There are several features that can take industrial websites to the next level. In fact, there are some features aren’t just nice to have on a site — some are absolutely essential. 1. Career Module: Most of our clients only […]