How to Help Generate B2B Social Media Followers


It is important to look at your followers or audience at the forefront of your social media marketing plan. There is no point in creating and posting content if there is no one to see it. It is seemingly more difficult to generate followers on a B2B social account versus B2C. This is because the […]

How to Be Annoying on Facebook: Business Edition

Your pal Debbie’s Facebook page has more portraits of her Pomeranian than the Internet has of Kim Kardashian’s derriere. And boy, is Debbie annoying. But the truth is, the Debbies of Facebook are not the only irritating ones. Brands can be pains too. If you engage in any of the following practices, your fans will […]

What You Can Learn From Duct Tape & College Football

Last week, Ohio State University defeated the University of Oregon in the first ever College Football Playoff Championship. As with any major televised sporting event, there were scads of ads played throughout the game, all of them carrying a hefty price tag for those doing the advertising. Those high costs kept countless brands from airing […]

Are RSS Feeds Dead?

In 2001, the RSS feed seemed like the perfect information-gathering solution in the modern technology era. The little orange widget was going to change the way we got our newspapers, gathered information from our favorite websites, received breaking news updates, read our latest favorite blog posts and absorbed information as tech-savvy humans. We wanted information […]

Floyd Mayweather is a Genius at Social Media and He Doesn’t Even Know It

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is Everywhere Like his right hook, it’s futile to try to avoid it; Floyd Mayweather Jr. is everywhere. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or the blogosphere, it is seemingly impossible to scroll through your feed without seeing some snippet that mentions this asshat. Normally, a celebrity blowing up social media is not something […]

Zero Tolerance for Social Media

Why Are Businesses So Afraid of Online Reviews? In an old episode of Friends, the owner of Alessandro’s Restaurant confronts Monica after she slams it in a review. I don’t have any data on this, but I’m pretty sure this would only happen on TV. When most businesses receive bad reviews from professional reviewers, they swallow […]

Secret Sauce: What Every Other Company in Your Industry isn’t Doing

Paid Content Outreach Have a great new piece of content that your sales team has been developing for months? Did you recently pay someone a sizable chunk of change to develop a video for a service or product? Has your company been trying to grow a following for your social media accounts or blog, with […]

Facebook Posts: To Boost or Not to Boost?

Facebook Like

A Debate If you manage your company’s social media, you are probably familiar with the blue “”Boost Post” buttons that appear on all of your Facebook posts. Whether you have never used it before, or have used it and are questioning the value of boosting posts, it is important to weigh the pros and cons […]