SEO and Great Web Design

UX and SEO Infographic

Studies have shown that people decide whether or not to stay on your site within the first 10 seconds. In the past, there wasn’t much overlap between designing a website and optimizing it for search engines. Web designers and search engine marketers alike, often can easily get caught up in other best practices and forget […]

Google My Business for Industrial B2Bs

GMB Tips from ECW P1

Let’s start with the basics of Google My Business (GMB). The first important thing to know about GMB is that it is free (for now), so why not take advantage of this highly utilized free marketing platform. GMB is Google’s way of handing back some of the power to business owners in terms of what […]

Google’s Mobile-First Indexing One Year Anniversary

As we land on the one-year anniversary of Google implementing mobile-first indexing I thought it would only be appropriate to reflect on the past year and what that has meant from a digital marketing standpoint. Did Google’s implementation of mobile-first indexing resurrect the dinosaurs? No. Did it shake up the entire Search Engine Optimization world, […]

Google Ads Editor Custom Rules

Custom Rules To Live By When it comes to Google (errr, I mean… everything,) it’s always best to follow the rules. And in the case of Google Ads, you should look no further than the Custom Rules built-in to the newly-improved and impressive Google Ads Editor. Google AWE Haters Are Gonna Hate Since its inception, […]

Manufacturing Day 2016: Start Planning Now!

This year, Manufacturing Day will take place on October 7th. Even though it’s several months away, there is no better time than the present to start planning your Manufacturing Day events. If you start now, you won’t find yourself scrambling to put something together in September. What is Manufacturing Day? Manufacturing was once the engine […]

What to Do When Your Website Has a Scary, 90s Look

In the digital world, a 90s-style website is the equivalent of the haunted Victorian house: scary and outdated. Only the bravest dare go inside.   A bar, restaurant or hotel that has classic decor from a bygone era can get away with holding on to the same look for the duration of it’s existence. But […]

Top 5 Most Annoying Bits of Feedback You Can Give to Your Website Designer

What’s the secret to getting the website of your dreams? Lean in close and I’ll tell you: it’s the ability to give solid, constructive feedback to the people who design and build your website. A lot of people don’t realize that giving feedback is a skill. Anyone can offer an opinion, but offering feedback that […]

How-To Guides for Industrial Sites

Last week, Graham Carlton at Search Engine Watch wrote about how-to guides. Carlton says that how-to guides are “an effective content marketing tactic for online retailers.” The article uses companies like Home Depot and Nordstrom as examples, but B2C websites aren’t the only ones that can get a boost from how-to guides. How-to guides can […]

Make Every Day Manufacturing Day!

Manufacturing Day 2015 has come and gone; the day was commemorated on October 2nd. But just because MFG Day is over for this year doesn’t mean you have to wait another year to participate. You can host a Manufacturing Day event any day of the year! Types of Manufacturing Day Events Facility tours: Destroy the […]