Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup: February 20-24, 2017

Don’t know how your weekend’s shaping up, but the crew here at Ecreativeworks are all smiles right now—a big, 10-inches-of-snow blizzard that was supposedly headed our way totally missed us.* I’m sure you’re itching to get out the door, just like we are, but before you go, check out our bi-fortnightly compendium of (relatively) fun […]

Ecreativeworks Team Kicks for A Good Cause

Last night, in the chilly October air, a team of Ecreativeworks personnel—along with a few SOs and friends—stepped up to the plate in a charity kickball tournament. The event was sponsored by Sota Clothing, and all proceeds went to Still Kickin, a Minneapolis-based organization dedicated to “Helping awesome people get through awful things.” Fourteen teams […]

The Story of the SEO Christmas Spiders

SEO Christmas Spiders

With the holiday season coming around, it’s important to remember Google rankings and website optimization doesn’t just happen by magic. Taking care of your website to make sure it ranks well, provides great customer service, and is functionally built properly takes time and effort. However … If you DO believe in magic, then maybe we […]

Ecommerce Sales Tax Questions Got You Down?

Why Should You Care? One of the most important, and most complex, aspects of ecommerce is the collection of sales tax. There are a number of ways to calculate online sales tax, but if your business doesn’t do everything correctly—for example, adjusting for varying sales tax rates down to the “local tax” required in some […]

FREE Internet Marketing Workshops at Ecreativeworks

Ecreativeworks will be hosting a series of FREE Internet Marketing Workshops throughout the fall (starting September 13) for local and regional industrial B2B and industrial B2C businesses.

Solving the Online Sales Tax Riddle

Sales tax is an important part of ecommerce, but is growing increasingly difficult to keep track of. Ecreativeworks offers a way to make things easier and give your website the sales tax coverage it needs.

Ecreativeworks’ Trackable Social Share Icons Plugin for WordPress Now Available

Earlier this week, Ecreativeworks officially released a brand new Trackable Social Share Icons plugin for WordPress. It can be downloaded for free at Our Trackable Social Share Icons plugin adds two important and incredibly useful features to your blog: 1)       It adds social media icons, for Facebook, Twitter, etc, to the bottom of your […]

Weird & Wonderful SEO Terminology

As someone who got started in the world of SEO not all that long ago, I still occasionally run into industry terms and jargon with which I’m unfamiliar. And, as I mentioned way back in my first blog post for Ecreativeworks, I’m a big fan (possibly the world’s only) of weird words. Since it’s Friday, […]

Hello, I’m new here. Don’t hold that against me.

Hello everyone, my name is Lee Rostad, and I’m the new copywriter at Ecreativeworks. I’m at the end of my second day, and so far no one has called me N00B yet, so that’s good. I dig writing in all manifestations, so the fact that I’m able to do it as an actual job is […]

An SEO Thanksgiving

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I would like to share what I as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist am thankful for.  I am thankful for Google, who can be the best of friends and the worst of enemies all at the same time.  I am thankful that they provide an interesting and ever changing landscape […]