Google Ads Editor Custom Rules

Custom Rules To Live By When it comes to Google (errr, I mean… everything,) it’s always best to follow the rules. And in the case of Google Ads, you should look no further than the Custom Rules built-in to the newly-improved and impressive Google Ads Editor. Google AWE Haters Are Gonna Hate Since its inception, […]

Negative Keywords – How & Why To Use Them

What the Heck is a Negative Keyword?! Great question! I’m so happy you asked! (tongue in cheek) A negative keyword is unique to Paid Search/PPC/Pay-Per-Click/SEM/CPC – whatever you prefer to term this crazy subgenre of digital marketing. A negative keyword is a word or phrase that is used to prevent an ad from being triggered […]

Are You Making These Common Mistakes in Your PPC Campaign?

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a paid service that allows you to drive traffic directly to your website. It differs from using SEO to optimize for organic search rankings because you pay to be found for specific keywords as opposed to users finding your page organically. Using SEO to improve organic search results is also important […]

Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup: September 26 – 30

‘Tis October Eve. The leaves slowly change colors, and soon shall fall. The days grow shorter and cooler, whilst the nights grow colder still. ‘Tis Friday, and thou shall soon be out the door and into thy weekend. To while away the moments before thou departs, feast thine eyes on a smattering of the choicest […]

Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup May 11-15 2015

There’s so much good, well-written content on SEO out on the ol’ interwebs, even the most diligent reader may miss out on some helpful or informative reading. To help you fill in the gaps, we present a brief sampling of the best of what we’ve read this week. Search Engine Land: It’s Official: Google Says […]

New Google Shopping Campaigns & YOU!

New Google Shopping Cart

In beta since October, Google Shopping campaigns—a new and improved way to manage Product Listing Ads (PLAs)—are now available to all online merchants. The new Shopping campaigns give you more product information, ways to organize products, and more in AdWords. More information is always better, so that’s definitely a good thing. Google’s new setup has […]

10 Reasons You Should Start a Google Adwords PPC Program for Your Business

reasons to run a ppc program

For industrial companies we partner with at Ecreativeworks, one of the most enjoyable pieces of their monthly SEO programs was discovering what search queries people were using in order to find their business’ website. But if one thing remains the same in the SEO world, it is change. And with Google Search Engine algorithm updates […]

Target Your Advertising Dollars Online with Programmatic Buying

What is Programmatic Buying?

An Introduction to Programmatic Buying As an advertiser, it’s easy to get lost on the Internet. Where to place ads? How much to spend? Through which channels can I place ads? YouTube, Google, Facebook? How should I be using Adwords? Well, if only to complicate things further, the latest avenue through which online marketers have […]

Product Listing Ads Enhancement: Google Shopping Campaigns

pla example

Google Shopping Campaigns Are Now in Beta. The holidays are just around the corner and making your brand visible in search is essential to holiday success. One of the easiest ways to highlight your products is through a Google Product Listing Ads (PLA), and specifically through Google’s new Shopping Campaigns. Product Listing Ads used to […]

Test Keyword Match Types to Increase Your B2B ROI

Google Ad Words Match Types

Google AdWords can be a great tool for B2B Companies looking to increase targeted traffic around competitive business terms. By identifying specific keywords and phrases built around valuable products or services to your company, you can essentially determine what price you are willing to pay in order to generate a money-making lead through a website […]