Mobile User Experience (UX) Best Practices

Mobile traffic has been consistently rising and takes up around 50% of Google searches each month. That is a lot of traffic that you should optimize your website for! Nowadays, just having a website isn’t enough to grow your business. Your site also needs optimizations and improvements to make your users happy. You want your […]

Crawl Budget and the Correlation to Search Engine Optimization

Every minute of every day, bots are crawling the internet and indexing every single website. The internet is obviously a vast place, and that means there’s a lot of websites getting crawled and indexed on the daily. Have you ever stopped to consider how a crawl budget could be impacting your website? What is a […]

Basic SEO for YouTube Videos on Google

When sharing videos online, regardless of whether you’re promoting a new product, creating brand awareness or just being all-around funny, there are certain things you can do to make your video more visible to the public. This post will share basic SEO strategies that anyone can do to optimize their YouTube videos for Google.  Why […]

Adding products & services to your company’s Google My Business listing

ECW's GMB tips part 2

If you’ve already been utilizing Google My Business and are looking to make your listing further optimized and increase conversions this is the post for you! If you’re new to Google My Business and want to start with the low down on the basics of GMB for Industrial B2Bs check out my previous post for […]

Improving Bounce Rate: A Balancing Act

Not long ago, I wrote a blog post called “What is a Bounce Rate Anyway?” you can think of this as a sequel. If you’re curious about bounce rates, that would be an excellent place to start. If you’ve read the post or have a firm grasp on what a “bounce” is, How bounce rate […]

Google My Business for Industrial B2Bs

GMB Tips from ECW P1

Let’s start with the basics of Google My Business (GMB). The first important thing to know about GMB is that it is free (for now), so why not take advantage of this highly utilized free marketing platform. GMB is Google’s way of handing back some of the power to business owners in terms of what […]

Page Speed 101 – The Importance of Page Speed for Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever visited a website and it takes forever to load? I think it’s safe to say we have all experienced the slow, snail like speed of some websites. When I encounter one of those slow websites I typically bounce if it’s not loading within a few seconds because I have places to be, […]

Google’s Mobile-First Indexing One Year Anniversary

As we land on the one-year anniversary of Google implementing mobile-first indexing I thought it would only be appropriate to reflect on the past year and what that has meant from a digital marketing standpoint. Did Google’s implementation of mobile-first indexing resurrect the dinosaurs? No. Did it shake up the entire Search Engine Optimization world, […]

The Rise of Smart Speakers and Digital Assistants

How Voice Search, Smart Speakers and Voice Assistants Work Together What types of devices are people using to perform voice searches other than mobile devices? It’s estimated that today, nearly 35% of voice searches are made through smart speakers. Because smart speakers don’t have screens, the voice assistant will choose the most relevant and appropriate […]

Creating an Effective Homepage for Your Cart Site

Your homepage is often the first thing people land on when they find your company online. It needs to not only represent your brand but give people enough information to understand who you are and what you sell. All too often, homepages focus on looks instead of information. And while having an eye-catching layout is […]