Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup: February 29 – March 4

Happy Friday to one and all! For your reading enjoyment, we present our weekly collection of the best and most informative writing from a week’s worth of internets. Enjoy! Search Engine Journal: “How Important are Tags for SEO in 2016?”: They may be only a small component of your overall site, but (most of) the […]

Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup: February 1 – 5

It’s the first Friday afternoon in February, so that means it’s nearly time to start preparing for the Big Game. Who ya got, Denver or Carolina? Before you QB sneak out the door for the weekend, check out some of the best SEO- and marketing-focused writing from the past week. Um, something something touchdown! #SuperbOwl50 […]

Gut Feeling: Tools & Tips for Identifying Valuable Links

This is a brief outline on how to identify a website or blog that will bring a valuable link to your site, or a link worth pursuing and maybe even, (god forbid), paying for. Obviously, there are exceptions, but this is a good starter and following this will not lead you astray. CAVEAT: there are […]

Link Responsibly!

So you had a little success in your last frenzied link building marathon. That doesn’t mean that more is better. Responsible link building is good link building. You don’t want to create something that will have to be disassembled with the next Google algorithm update. Think Quality, Not Quantity Great content will attract good links. […]

B2B SEO Strategy: Part 3

Strong Backlink Profile

Hi again, folks. It’s time for Part 3 of B2B SEO Strategy. Last time, we were doing some competition analysis. When we left off, I’d shown you how to quickly gauge the number of indexed pages that have been optimized for a particular keyword. This is a good way to get a rough idea how […]

Penguin: The Google Webspam Update

Google has just recently released their most recent update. The Google webspam update, also known as the Penguin update. The goal from this update was to try and cut down on the amount of spam that people see in their searches, and to stop rewarding some shady or manipulative practices that websites may have been […]

I’m Still Not Number 1 in Google!

So you’ve optimized for your favorite keyword, but you’re still not ranking number 1! Now what? It’s important to understand that it’s not only your site that matters to Google, but also important to know which sites outrank you and why. Even if you don’t consider some sites to be ‘real’ competitors, if they outrank […]

Local Search for National Companies

Local Search has been getting a lot of attention lately – we’ve even included it in our Top 4 SEO Strategies for 2011. For locally-focused businesses, it’s easy to see the benefits. However, nationally-focused businesses can also benefit – especially in the industrial sector. I just read a great blog post  at Search Engine Land […]

Four SEO Strategies for 2011

Twenty-Eleven is already moving at a full sprint (it’s almost February already, for crying out loud), so it’s important to note some of the SEO trends that are likely to blow up this year. This is by no means a comprehensive or definitive list, but the four I’ve listed here have the potential to be […]

Have you made a video yet?

I have been reading a lot about how every business needs to incorporate video into their marketing programs.   After about the 10th article or blog post, I am of the opinion that this is necessary  now.  I have also been doing some research with a few of my own industrial clients and have come to […]