Do’s and Don’ts of Industrial Video Production for Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Broadcast

Yes, You Do Need a YouTube Channel for Your Company’s Videos YouTube has developed into a very effective ‘Social Media’ influencer in the marketplace and is the undisputed leader in the internet video channel space. Accounting for upwards of one billion visitors (unique) per month, YouTube is positioned nicely as an effective visual tool to […]

B2B SEO Strategy: Part 4

Forget anyone who tells you otherwise. SEO is still about getting links. Most SEO’s out there will tell you that all you need to do is create “quality content” and the links will follow. The truth is that, especially in narrow B2B or industrial niches, it’s extremely difficult to create this kind of “link-worthy” content, […]

Do Custom Work? Make Sure Web Visitors Know

Many clients we work with here at Ecreativeworks are industrial manufacturers. A good number of them also create custom-made products in addition to their everyday offerings. For a select few, custom manufacturing is all they do. It’s a far more involved process, to be sure, but custom manufacturing can be a boon to business, as […]

B2B SEO Strategy: Part 3

Strong Backlink Profile

Hi again, folks. It’s time for Part 3 of B2B SEO Strategy. Last time, we were doing some competition analysis. When we left off, I’d shown you how to quickly gauge the number of indexed pages that have been optimized for a particular keyword. This is a good way to get a rough idea how […]

B2B SEO Strategy: Part 2

Alright, we’re back with Part 2 of the B2B SEO Strategy Guide. Last time (B2B SEO Strategy: Part 1) we talked about how to pick good keywords: run a PPC campaign and pick the terms that drive revenue, not just clicks. This time, we’re going to talk about how you figure out what it will […]

Optimizing your Business Website With Keyword Phrases


My last blog post dealt with choosing effective keyword phrases for Business SEO. But once you have your keyword phrases selected, how do you put them to work for you? This post will cover the basics of inserting those keywords onto your website in order to attract more quality traffic. Map Your Keyword Phrases The […]

A Look Back at Google Search & Algorithm Updates

I’ve been doing SEO for most of the past decade, but it was starting to feel like the past couple of years brought more Google changes than I’ve seen during the whole time I’ve been doing SEO.  So I looked it up. I wasn’t just being nostalgic for the good old days either; there actually […]

Keyword Phrases: What you need to know for Business SEO

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What is a Keyword Phrase? A keyword phrase is a 1-4 word phrase that a potential customer might type into their web search in order to find your business. This may or may not be a technical or industry term, depending on who is doing the searching. While an engineer at an OEM may be […]

Top 5 Requirements of An Industrial Website

Spring has finally sprung here in Minnesota. We are looking forward to warm weather, golf courses opening and the start of baseball season! Today the Twins take on the Tigers and even though the sun is shining, it’s going to be a cold baseball game! Along with all the fun spring activities, I’m sure the […]

Penguin: The Google Webspam Update

Google has just recently released their most recent update. The Google webspam update, also known as the Penguin update. The goal from this update was to try and cut down on the amount of spam that people see in their searches, and to stop rewarding some shady or manipulative practices that websites may have been […]