Implications of the “F – Format” in Industrial Website Viewing

At the onset of a client’s optimization program, one of the first issues to arise is content presentation. In identifying these potential problem areas prior to optimization, usability is almost always at the top of the list. And because a search engine optimization program would be all but null in the absence of conversions, treating […]

Search Engine Marketing Definitions

SEMPO distributed their annual The State of Search Engine Marketing survey results. The findings are extremely comprehensive and during the next few days we will be posting some great information for you that might help you evaluate your own search engine marketing plan. To start, I think it’s important to know what SEMPO gave to […]

More FREE keyword research tools!

In light of Overture’s inability to support the search queries performed on their servers, both Keyword Discovery and Wordtracker have stepped to the plate and are now offering free services. Both providers have traditionally offered trial versions of their tools with limited functionality and a subscription based service offering.According the the Search Engine Watch Blog, […]

How an industrial directory is setting themselves apart – ThomasNet Forums

Recently, ThomasNet announced that they are providing a forum for the industrial marketplace to discuss latest trends, ask questions, and even have a place for marketers to post topics and answer questions. Why is this relevant? It’s relevant for many reasons. 1. They’re the first be aggressive with this! Not the first website to have […]

It’s 2007, do you know where your web 2.0 is?

Web 2.0 is a buzz word that’s been flying around the marketing world for the last year or so. What is Web 2.0? What does “Web 2.0” really mean? It means all the things we’ve been talking about on this blog: Linking building, blogging, social networking. But surely it means more than this? Yes – […]

SES Chicago Day Two: B2B Tactics

The B2B Tactics session had some great insights into things an industrial company must keep in mind when evaluating their online marketing. The most important element is to understand what the end user is coming to your site for.
> Research
> Compare
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Must-Knows! Why Industrial Companies Are Set Apart When it Comes to SEO.

An industrial search engine marketing blog just wouldn’t be complete with out a post about the differences of optimizing an industrial related site vs. sites in other BtoB markets. While there’s no shortage of information floating around on the web about marketing your website, it can be a trick to set apart the valuable from […]

Yahoo! Integrates “Yahoo! Answers” Into Its Results

In the SEO world, trend forecasting can be hit-or-miss. Interpreting algorithms, identifying user behavior, analyzing data and making predictions – these can be mentally consuming tasks. Needless to say, when the jackpot is hit, it’s time to shout it from the roof tops! Case in point: We’ve been watching Yahoo! Answers for quite some time […]

Linking Methods Part II : Tips

Link Building and Linking Tips Apart from identifying the most effective methods to attaining backlinks, its equally important to know how to employ these methods effectively. Here we’ve put together an outline of things to consider when soliciting backlinks. Observing these tips will mean a great deal to the visibility that your site recieves for […]

Website Redesign Article Review

I was reading an article in the publication about planning for a redesign. There is a lot of great information written about what to take into consideration when starting such a venture. Hightlights from the article include: >> Make a Checklist. Whether you are managing your redesign in-house or working with a company who […]